Friday, September 03, 2010

You want a mullet? I got-cha' mullet right here

This has been the summer to which all future summers will forever be compared.

First Super Son went off to camp for the first time. I didn't hyperventilate.


Then Hero Husband and I went off on an adults vacation with some friends. I didn't scream zip lining across the jungle.


And then we packed up the precious little tax deductions and took them back to Mexico.

We flew out of San Antonio on a flight 8 hours later than expected. We were delayed by a little financial hurdle the airline was going through...bankruptcy or something or other. I guess it could have been much worse. We vacationed and made it home.

I always love the interesting things we see while traveling.

For some reason this craze reminds me of beanie babies. I give you silly quantities of, well... silly bandz

Our connection took us through Mexico City. Never having been there before I was busy reading the history on wikipedia. Living in Austin sometimes can feel like a big city. We have an opera company, symphony, ballet company, several theatre companies.

Compared to Mexico City (population 22 million) I live in Hoot Owl, Oklahoma (population 5)

The delay in our departure translated into a delay in our arrival. As in 12:30 in the morning. Thankfully the plane wasn't full. We each had a full row to stretch out in and I think everyone slept.

Customs is remarkably low key when you fly in at midnight. I recommend it.

So then we checked into the resort.


Ohh and the fridge is stocked, but best of all they have room service at 2am

Which means as soon as I check out the rest of the room and get a snack I am heading straight here.

Hard to get excited about this part of the room, but I do like the mirrors.

Hey now, what's that under the counter.


Oh that is just sacrilege. You don't put one of those in the hotel room on vacation. Be gone with you.

Thank goodness it is in kilograms. Vacation means I don't have to do conversion math beyond the necessary dollars to pesos.

After a little sleep we woke up ready to start the first day of vacation.

This is the view that greeted us.

Just don't forget that people can see in too.


All sunscreen up and fed, we headed to the beach. Sandcastles to build, walks to take, sangria to drink, all that jazz.

Just like these people

Wait a minute. What is that?

The eyes of Texas guys.

It is a bit creepy.

You really can not get a way.

We had a hard time getting Super Son away from the giant cliff diving well in the center of the pool.

Mom, you're going to take my picture right.

Yep, go for it!

Okay. Man this is high.

No turning back now.

At this point when Super Son gets me to jump with him I am screaming.

Down Down


I'm totally doing that again! 367 times

Until we found a toucan to take his picture with and apparently that was deserving enough of a break from being a cliff diver.

Miss Thing even got in on the action

The shows that the resort put on were pretty awesome. The first one was in the auditorium that smelled like feet. Smell aside, I am glad that we stuck around long enough to see this

But it was never long before everyone was up and the kids wanted to head back to the beach.

I built a few sand castles, but Hero Husband's were better. The man has the mind of an engineer. He even had a levy system. Ask the kids. That and my sangria was getting hot.

The beach can be hard on your hair if you are 4 and don't like tangles. The last few summers we have found someone each time we arrive to braid Miss Thing's hair. It usually lasts the whole vacation and maybe we get it braided again before we leave. Apparently I can't braid hair without pulling. That and the beach ladies give her flowers in her hair. The resort we stayed at was pretty remote. So much so that the braid ladies we usually rely on were no where to be found. This necessitated a trip to the village to find an estetica.

Choices to get to the city involve taking a cab, walking or riding a bus. As in a city bus. As in Hero Husband is married to the woman who has single handedly gotten us lost on every public transportation system we have ever dared to use.

Remind me and I'll tell you about our little side trip to the Bronx

You think he might have learned by now.

Thankfully he speaks better spanish than I do and knew where he was going.

This had the potential to end very badly.


Then we found the estetica. Letty was very nice and she had air conditioning in her shop.

Miss Thing sat very still while she worked.

And worked.

Hey look at that. What's Miss Letty got on the wall? Hair cut options.

How's your hair doing Hero Husband? Need a little trim?

A mullet maybe? Pointy Sideburns?


That's okay. I like the James Dean that you do so well.

And hey now check it out. Miss Thing is all done.

Walking back we found the garden of tejones. Do you know what a tejone is? I don't. There were a lot of them.

Beauty salon and animal encounters behind us we headed to the beach to find a snorkeling boat to take us out to the reef.

Super Son really likes snorkeling. He wants to use his when he starts swim team next week.

Then it was time to head back to the resort. Each kid has a quota of times down the waterslide and Super Son was worried he was going to fall behind if he didn't get to work.

I personally preferred the cliff diving. I may have had to adjust my suit a few times, but sliding down a chute with turns that made me fly in the air and land bruising my ishchial tuberocity was definitely a step down in my book.


Okay here it comes

Take a deep breath

Hold it!

Keep your head up


After all that I think I need a drink.

Slide on up cowboy. Sit a spell.

So then after the really cool Cirque show we figured we needed to check out the fire show.

Shortly before the show began they announced that if you were going to leave, do it now, because once the show started you wouldn't be able to leave. I guess when you are flinging fire around on the end of a chain people walking by you can be distracting.

Go figure.

Miss Thing and Hero Husband opted to head back to the room. The mosquitos had found her already and it wasn't going to get any better.

Super Son ohhhed and ahhhhed and I played with my shutter speed. Then I ohhhed and ahhhed.

No Super Son you may not pick this up as a hobby until you are 40 and have your own medical insurance.

One of my favorite things about all inclusive travel is the activities. This trip the kids learned to play bocce ball, sailed on a hobie

and of course kayaked.

Paddle Miss Thing, Paddle!

Alas, vacation by its nature must end and all too soon we are heading back to Texas.

Of course what would a layover in Mexico City be if you didn't harass your handsome husband who seemingly dodged the camera all week?

No fun at all that's what.

Come on Honey... smile for me.

Just once

Not over there! I'm over here.

Ah yes. There it is. I love you.

Oh and I know a great place you can get a mullet.

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