Monday, October 25, 2010

Humiliation: An International Incident

After our wedding Hero Husband and I embarked on a blissful week on the beach in Mexico. With the exception of a day lost to Montezuma's revenge it was pure heaven.

We wandered into the little village one afternoon and after some serious haggling Hero Husband walked a way with a box of Cuban cigars at a nice price.

We sat in the hammock that night listening to the ocean as he smoked a cigar.

And so after a week the vacation was over and these two tan and sappy sweet newlyweds caught a flight back to Texas.

As we got close to the end of our flight the stewardess came by providing us with customs forms to declare our purchases and I dutifully filled them out.  Not missing any details.

Any details, including the fact that the cigars tucked snugly into Hero Husband's suitcase were Cuban in origin.

He tried to warn me.

"Honey" he said "I'd prefer you not write the cigars on our declaration form."

"But sweetheart" I replied "I swear I heard on NPR last week that some of the trade restrictions with Cuba had been lifted.  I'm sure it's fine and look" as I point at the form "it says right here to list everything we bought."

The kind newly wedded Hero Husband that he was said "Please don't. I am pretty sure I would have heard something about it."

"Just trust me babe, it will be just fine." I replied confidently and gave him a good kiss just to seal the deal.

Never you mind a little thing like 40 years of political history and a trade embargo that dates back to Eisenhower.  I was so confident that I had heard Carl Kassell correctly that I was willing to take my chances.

The customs agent was so nice.  He all but hugged Hero Husband in apology when he confiscated the cigars and gave us the option of watching cut them all up. "Buddy, I'm sorry" he said shaking his head "If you had just written cigars I could have let you keep them assuming they were Mexican, but you didn't just write cigars you wrote Cuban cigars"

We watched for a minute and then hustled to make our connection.  As we walked away the Agent continued to shake his head.

That was 11 years ago and with all of our travels I have not since then filled out a customs form.

Or lived it down.

The End

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  1. LOL. Once Jason & I were flying back from Amsterdam and he got caught with...nope, not pot, but more embarrassing...some fuzzy handcuffs LOL! Apparently you can't take those on a plane in a carry on bag!