Sunday, September 19, 2010

I haz an epiphanie!

Not long ago I was celebrating the birthday that wouldn't end.

It was awesome. I recommend it highly.

And then it really wouldn't end because a week later I get a call from my Mom.

The camera bag I ordered you for your birthday is here.

Do you want me to send it over with #3 later?

I had to have been a wonderful child at some point because just a few hours later my sister arrives bearing this.

The box that will set the standard for all future boxes

Okay well maybe that is a bit much, but boy howdy am I excited to get inside this box.

I most certainly did not tear open the box jump around and then remember I wanted to tell you all about it and then go re-package the whole thing so I could preserve the moment for posterity.

No way. Not me.

Ohhh Purple

and a bag for my bag

be still my heart

Oh Wow

It's so...Red!

And Fabulous

I am in divider organizer heaven

I haz an epiphanie and I know this camera toting bag lady's life will never be the same.

This was a gift from my mother and father~The review is because it is awesome and not cause somebody paid me to tell you that.

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