Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ranch Rodeo

Our good friends out at The Ranch were organizing and working at the Dripping Springs Wild West Fest so the Wee Ones and I went out to watch the Ranch Rodeo portion of the event.  Having never been to one I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.

No expectations is a great way to start out with an event like this.

Wild Cow Milking
Double Mugging
Trailer Loading 
Ride the Hide...just for fun

So the cowboys all take a turn around the arena for a warm up

And the fun begins

 Okay so maybe not everyone is having fun

Super Son even found a grasshopper.  Maybe it liked his green cast

In all seriousness though.  Really shouldn't be drinking and driving.  This is a family event after all.

Wild Cow milking was my second favorite of the events.

Oh the suspense of waiting to see if a drop of milk would fall out of the bottle.

Trailer Loading was my favorite and particularly hilarious. The idea is that the cowboys (or girls) have to rope the steer, get it into the trailer and locked up, get all of the cowboys into the truck with the doors shut and honk the horn. All of this and still not break any of the rules that I haven't been able to figure out.  Still photos just didn't do the whole crazy debacle justice.  Especially when one (or two) cowboys would get turned around during the actual trailering process and then all try to load into one door and one seat at the same time.  It was very much like the Chinese Fire Drills that we used to do in high school.

So I videoed one of them for you.

You're welcome.

Next year we are going to have to go earlier in the day so the kids can participate in the events geared for their ages.

Maybe one of us will get sponsored to Ride the Hide next year.

Hero Husband you want to come with us right?  There is nothing sneaky about my motives.


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