Friday, October 29, 2010


A few weeks ago I had a little encounter with a marshmallow that happened to still be on fire when it landed on my face.

Long story...

that ended with 2nd degree burns, blisters and little black bits of burnt sugar that I couldn't scrub out because...well ouch.

I spent the first night with an aloe leaf stuck to my chin popping ibuprofen and slowly but surely it has healed.

In an effort to minimize the scarring I have been really diligent with protecting it from the sun and keeping it moisturized.

Now that the worst part is over and the bandages I was wearing to protect my pillows are no longer necessary I have graduated to "scar creams".

I did some shopping around and this one seems to be the most widely used and generally well reviewed.

I bought some and started using it when I realized that the first ingredient (next to water) is Aloe Barbadensis otherwise known as aloe vera.

Yeah, like the plant I have in my front yard.

and I spent $14 on a tube of it that is smaller than my lipstick.

I am a sucker of the highest order.

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