Sunday, November 21, 2010


Oh look at that kids... It's the biggest Daddy Long Leg spider I think I've ever seen

And herein we have the definition of disparity

at least in reaction.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The girls converged in San Antonio last weekend to go through Popsy's closets.

She had made a lot of clothes for herself over the years.

It was so much fun remembering the times that she had worn these dresses

and finding little things that she had left behind

Everyone got into the act

I told you she loved bright colors

And then there were the bags

Oh the glorious bags

It had been at least 10 years since many of these had been used

one had a grocery list and receipt in it from 1964

My love for patent leather is apparently handed down through the generations

The best part was ending up with a little piece of Popsy that I can carry and use.

I imagine she is loving how much we are loving these little reminders of her.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

His Grandfather's Grandson

I'm standing in my Dad's childhood bedroom as he cleans out his old closet.

He hands Super Son a container of tinker toys and tosses some papers into the wastebasket.

He turns and picks up a plastic container that looks like the lid to a butter dish and hands it to me.

"Is this trash?" I ask

"It's a part of a fly trap." he says smiling at my skeptical look

"You fill it up with water up to here and then you hang a sugar cube from the scaffolding that surrounds it.  Leading up to the sugar cube is a ladder.  The ladder is missing its last step so when the fly is climbing to get to the sugar cube he doesn't notice the step is missing and he falls into the water and dies."

"Really Dad, and who will have leprosy next?" I quip over my shoulder as I leave the room.  My Dad is so strange sometimes and is a bit renowned for his bizarre stories and ways of freaking his children out.

Half an hour later I am sitting on my grandparents bed sorting through jewelry with #3, #4 and my Aunt when my Dad waltzes in confidently and plops on my lap the butter dish lid and a piece of scaffolding with a little ladder, missing the top step attached to it.

My mouth hanging open he tells me "There was this guy I knew and he had surgery of some kind once.  When he was waking up from anesthesia he went on and on about the details of this elaborate fly trap.  I figured I would make it and see if it worked."

I was dumbstruck.   That is until Super Son walked up and said "Wow Mama what is that?"  when I explained all he could say is "Yep, I could totally make something like that."

Then he took off to find his Grampa and give him some pointers on how to make it work better next time.

My son and my Dad.  Two peas in a pod.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Don't worry it's only leprosy

Once upon a time there was a girl (who is related to me, but alas not me) who during her tenth summer got a sunburn

Her skin started to peel

This had never happened to her before

"Dad, what is wrong with my skin?" She questioned

"What is happening?"

"Oh dear" he replied with straight face "I am so sorry.  You have leprosy."

The girl didn't know what that was, but was still sufficiently unsettled that she began to cry.  "I don't want to have leprosy!"

She was forever teased.

And henceforth any benign illness in our family has been diagnosed as leprosy at some time or another.

I wonder what will happen if someday someone actually contracts leprosy?

It would seem we are kind of taunting the universe.

Hey Dad, knock it off.  Between the marshmallow incident and broken bones I think I have had enough to deal with this year.

The End.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween

We have moved once since our children were born.  

It was 5 years ago.  

Super Son was damaged for life by this move.  Or so he says.

We left the sidewalk having, one way in/one way out, you can see at night because we have street lights, small lot neighborhood for one not far away but with a little more leg room.  

Granted Super Son doesn't complain about his home or the pool, regulation soccer field in the back yard, multiple swing sets or the ability to have pony rides in our yard but every time we drive by or heaven forbid go to visit our good friends who sill live there he gets all verklempt and waxes poetic about the house he misses.  

All things awesome about our home and neighborhood it is absolutely under no circumstances a good place for Halloween shenanigans.  So we went back.  

We were accompanied by a vampire with bad oral hygiene, a sweaty Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, an Avatar with a broken arm, a pirate who broke his own sword and a water bender who made her mother carry her water whip around.

Thank you very much I made those costumes.

You may affirm my awesomeness now.

Trick-or-treating here we come.

Hero Husband set an order of rotation so everyone got a chance to ring a doorbell.
He's organized like that.

Miss Thing walked up to me at one point and said "Who's next Mama?"

"Who what?"

Then she went and found her Dad

This dog was carrying a headless horseman on its back.

Oh hey, Miss Thing, go stand over there and let me take your picture.


Don't look behind you.

Thanks Mama

Thanks a lot

Happy Halloween everyone.  Hope yours didn't bite.