Wednesday, November 03, 2010

His Grandfather's Grandson

I'm standing in my Dad's childhood bedroom as he cleans out his old closet.

He hands Super Son a container of tinker toys and tosses some papers into the wastebasket.

He turns and picks up a plastic container that looks like the lid to a butter dish and hands it to me.

"Is this trash?" I ask

"It's a part of a fly trap." he says smiling at my skeptical look

"You fill it up with water up to here and then you hang a sugar cube from the scaffolding that surrounds it.  Leading up to the sugar cube is a ladder.  The ladder is missing its last step so when the fly is climbing to get to the sugar cube he doesn't notice the step is missing and he falls into the water and dies."

"Really Dad, and who will have leprosy next?" I quip over my shoulder as I leave the room.  My Dad is so strange sometimes and is a bit renowned for his bizarre stories and ways of freaking his children out.

Half an hour later I am sitting on my grandparents bed sorting through jewelry with #3, #4 and my Aunt when my Dad waltzes in confidently and plops on my lap the butter dish lid and a piece of scaffolding with a little ladder, missing the top step attached to it.

My mouth hanging open he tells me "There was this guy I knew and he had surgery of some kind once.  When he was waking up from anesthesia he went on and on about the details of this elaborate fly trap.  I figured I would make it and see if it worked."

I was dumbstruck.   That is until Super Son walked up and said "Wow Mama what is that?"  when I explained all he could say is "Yep, I could totally make something like that."

Then he took off to find his Grampa and give him some pointers on how to make it work better next time.

My son and my Dad.  Two peas in a pod.

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