Friday, December 10, 2010

A camping we will go

Beautiful weather + spontaneous husband = impromptu camping trip at Inks Lake

The State Park has a playground

Super Son decided that this was a good opportunity to hunt for whatever it is that 8 year old boys hunt for

Miss Thing and I chased squirrels

She barked at them

I laughed at her

The campers who used our site last left us a little welcome

It was really quite sweet of them

There was a family with two little girls at the next campsite over and two cousins camping on the other side of the little creek with their grandparents

Kid campground games took over until one of the little boys took it upon himself to throw a rock at Miss Thing causing her big toe to resemble a cocktail sausage

Hero Husband lived up to his name, rescued her and while I didn't witness it I hear he provided the boy with an appropriate tongue lashing

We ate dump cake from the dutch oven and slept well

The next morning with Miss Thing sufficiently recovered we walked down to the lake

On our way home we stopped at the scenic overlook

It was quite scenic

Keeping with a firmly established tradition I decided that it was such a beautiful place and we had such a great time that we should look into renting a place during the summer or buying one of our own

I've always wanted to have a summer house

Alas it was too pricey and we will just have to be happy camping

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