Saturday, December 11, 2010

Czech a.k.a. This one is for you Betty

On our way home from Dallas after Thanksgiving we stopped in West

We kinda love them


and invite them to move in with us

and call them family forever

and plan on going to see them in Prague as soon as my wee ones can ride on a plane for that long without making me want to poke my own eyes out

and West is

"Czech Heritage Capital of Texas" 

and of course is the

"...home of the official Kolache of the Texas Legislature" 

The snacks at the Czech stop are so tasty it was really hard to stop there while my stomach was still insisting it would never allow me to eat again

but some things are important enough to suffer for

things like jalapeno cheese bread and kolaches

We looked like fools snapping pictures of every sign we could find in Czech

knowing that Betty would love it and laugh at us

all the while we continued saying the only phrase in Czech to each other that we could remember at the time

"Dobrou Noc"

It was 8 am

Betty is finding this funny right about now

So this one is for you Betty

We love you

Dobrou Noc

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