Monday, December 13, 2010

Practicing the Parade Wave

Chuy's puts on a parade every year

Children giving to Giving to children it's called

The kids coming to watch bring toys with them and at the designated time they swarm the parade vehicles handing over the toys that will ultimately be delivered to families in need by Blue Santa

Hero Husband's fire truck is downtown and they were tapped with a few others to participate in the parade.

15 years he has been in the fire department and I have never gotten to ride in a fire engine

until now

seriously I think I was more excited than the kids.

We got up early and waited in line for the organizers to get everyone in their places

time to kill we socialized for a while

There were still a few days left in Movember

He has since shaved

We watched the Wells Fargo people finish attaching the horses to harness

Super Son and Miss Thing were amazed that people used to ride inside them for days at a time taking trips around the country

We had lots of time to wait and the kids climbed like ants on a hill all over the fire engine

The pipes and drums arrived and practiced

Anticipating sitting inside the cab of the engine with 5 children for an hour it seemed like a good idea to have the kids work out the wiggles. 

The streets were all closed

"Hey kids, run to the police man at the end of the street give him a high 5 and run back"

The cop didn't know they were coming, but after the first surprise he gave them all a high 5

Miss Thing, social butterfly that she is, decided to stop and chat coaxing some stickers out of the unsuspecting officer


and then hoofed it back to us

Of course Super Son couldn't resist a chance to strike a pose

I reminded him that he is welcome to sit in the front seat, but never in the back.

He didn't get it, but smiled.  He thinks I'm weird

Then it was our turn to line up and Miss Thing got the seat of honor with her Dad

I was in the back with the kids

They waved and

wished Merry Christmas.

I get the feeling that we weren't actually heard

It had something to do with the whoop whoop and the whining of the siren I'm sure

  And so I got to ride in a fire engine for the first time.

It was awesome

and loud

and the Christmas gift I hadn't even thought to ask for.

Merry Merry

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