Sunday, January 09, 2011

Date Night

My Hero Husband has a talent for Date Nights

Get your mind out of the gutter people, this is a family blog.

My Hero Husband has a talent for Date Nights, namely choosing things 
to do and places to go that make me laugh and generally embarrass myself.

The adventure in December was


Mind you this is a bit of a follow up to our earlier adventure in pottery which was a wheel class and I refused to bring my camera under those seriously damp and flingy conditions.

So we show up for our tray handbuilding class and apparently 
we are the only ones who got the memo.  We had the teacher all to ourselves!

The first thing that Hero Husband does is steal the doily that
I wanted and make the tray that I had envisioned.  


Collectively we knocked out a bunch of pieces including a butter dish, 
some bed markers for our garden and a decorative sun 
to hang on the side of the chicken coop.

After you build your pieces you get to decorate them.  

This part really should take several days to layer it just right, 
but hey it's date night not date week 
and we managed to get them all fancied up and ready to dry

Hey There.  

How you doin'?

I'd throw pots with you any day handsome!

Sorry, I got a bit distracted.

The hard part being done we go home and watch a movie about pottery

and then wait three weeks for them to fire all of our pieces.

It's a crazy exciting adventure this potter stuff.

Then they call and you rush right over to pick up your masterpiece.  

You absolutely never get crazy busy at work, 
forget 247 times and take 3 more weeks to retrieve them.

Once you return home everyone marvels at your genius

praises your pottery prowess

and commissions a custom piece of their own.

Then and only then can you watch another movie with pottery in it
sing Unchained Melody in the shower at the top of your lungs and call it a day. 

The End

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