Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Angels

Christmas is the season for many things.  This Christmas Miss Thing and Super Son
decided to add to our roster of seasonal festivities a performance in 
the Christmas pageant at our church.  

Shepherd #2 and A Heavenly Host got all dressed and ready leaving some 
time to kill.  Hmm what's a good way to kill some time?  

I know...Geography!

This quickly became an argument about the equator, who knows 
more about Burundi and which country is bigger Canada or the US.

Wee Ones!  

Quit arguing!  

At least while you are dressed like people ready to herald 
and preside over the birth of Christ.

Okay Mama

Is my halo on straight?

Yes, Miss Thing, it is, but I am not fooled.

This year I inadvertently found myself working the Christmas Pageant

Long story, but it involved being on time and mediating a dispute over wings and halos.

So instead of getting to sit in the crowd and listen to Super Son declare
he has and idea for an excellent gift for the baby Jesus

I channeled Quasimodo and scurried around behind the angels trying
to keep the heavenly host from staging an uprising and 
assaulting the animals assembled at the manger.

They don't serve wine to the angel wranglers just in case you were wondering.

I think we earned it though

no angels, shepherds, manger animals or baby Jesus were harmed in the
production of this Nativity story.  As for the Wranglers, this one needed a
Chiropractor and a glass of wine. 

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