Thursday, February 10, 2011

I don't Run

If you were to ask one of my Wee Ones what Mama does they might say something like

Makes me brush my teeth, Reads books....Seriously lots of books, Drives me places, Makes me vodka smoothies for breakfast.

One thing they would be certain of is that Mama does not run

Maybe if there is a bear chasing her

but seriously,

Mama does not run.

I have learned to embrace that in myself.

I have bad knees and once upon a time I tried to be a runner.

I have lots of friends that are very gifted runners and I wanted to play too.  It's hard to be on the sidelines.

I was however, only given the option of being a really slow runner and using a walker when I am 60 or finding other ways to get my carcass moving that don't involve high impact to my lower extremities.

I opted for a little romance with the elliptical trainer instead.

I am a really awesome cheerleader though. Just ask my friends.  There is the whole upside to being a cheerleader than means you can have the extra glass of wine too, but really it was about the knees.

So anyway I have this friend.

She's pretty awesome.

She's a runner and she's a writer.  If she wasn't so awesome I just might not share my wine with her.

The thing about her writing is that she makes me feel like a runner.

This is no small feat.

Translating the high, the love, the lessons, the freedom and the power that come with a sport like running to those of us who are propulsionally challenged is like dropping me into the middle of a mass in France.  I know when to stand and kneel, the rhythm is the same and I've heard it a thousand times before, but I can't fully understand because they are just not speaking my language.

Kristin is my iphone translator app for running.

Maybe it's because it's not really all about running.

It translates because it isn't about splits and pace but about life and love, parenting and relating.

I could tell you to buy her book because she's my friend and I love her.

I could tell you to buy her book because she is a great writer.

Both are true.

But I will tell you to buy her book because when she uses her gift for words I can feel the wind in my face finding my "running" in other ways and I am reminded that I am everything that I want to be.

And seriously, who doesn't want to feel that way?

Kristin Armstrong

Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run

It comes out on March 1st and you can pre-order it here or at your local indie bookseller


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  1. Love this post--looking forward to checking out her book!