Tuesday, February 08, 2011

It snowed in Austin last Friday

It hardly happens and since we aren't going skiing for Super Son's birthday
this year he was really excited to have a Central Texas version 
of a snowball fight with his sister.

What is a Central Texas snowball fight you ask?

A snowball fight where the snowballs are made from the 1/8 inch of snow that has managed to accumulate on any surface that was both cold enough and stationary to allow it.  

This means cars, mailboxes, picnic tables, streets and the always flat bucket lid 
that someone left in the yard.

It also means that your snowballs are 83% more likely to have some kind of debris in them.

In other words...watch out for the flying snowball with a stick poking out of the side.

Oh, and because it was below 80 degrees the district cancelled school for the day.

I kid, it was below 20 degrees.


Much like snowball fights, sledding in Central Texas is a little different too.

We don't generally have a garage full of sleds, snow boots and the other assorted items 
that make a snow day fun.

In Central Texas we have laundry baskets...
that we tie ropes to and drag each other through the snow.

Miss Thing has managed to convince all the boys around her that it is their duty in life to ferry her around regardless of the conditions

Girl has mad skills

Happy snow day everyone!


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