Thursday, February 10, 2011

A simple trip to the library

I like books

I like the library

My local library lets you reserve your titles online from any branch in the city.  
Then they email you when your books have arrived so you can pick them up. 

It's like amazon delivering the books to my house, except free.

At least at the time of service.

I just won't think about my property tax bill.

But darn it, aside from Super Son's amazing gift of a Third Grade Teacher


the all important Hero Husband's salary

it is now my favorite allocation of tax dollars.

Forget roads and bridges

Go public libraries!

So the other day I get an email that my books are ready to be picked up

I load up the wee ones and head off to the library.

They can't quite get over the chance to check out as many books as they can get me to read to them.

Oh and they have their own library cards.

I remember my first library card.

I felt like I had just gotten my drivers license, my first checkbook, whatever.  
I had a card, with my name on it...of my very own.

I had arrived.

This is the look that my precious wee ones have when they present their cards for check out.

Excuse me while I wipe a tear from my eye.

After we are done checking out we head over to the field behind the library.

If you walk far enough through it you pop out in a park. 

Check out as many books as you want,

Mama carries the bag,

we get to go stomping through the fields

and play on the play ground.

Needless to say there wasn't any argument.

Across the field we go. 

The grass was a bit high in places.

Cute little buggers look like criminals.

Set down the cookie and put your hands over your head!

Katydid loved sliding on her own.

Step back Ma I've got this under control.

Super Son opted for a little zen time on the swing

seriously he was saying Ohm the whole time.

Sadly all good things must end

and the sun was setting

and we still had to hike back across the big field

This of course did not stop Miss Thing from declaring herself 

King of the Mountain

To which Super Son declared

I'm the Guardian of the King

an arrangement that apparently pleased the King.

The End.

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