Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Eli

 He is the most beautiful cinnamon colored dog

that redefines wrestling at nearly 100 lbs of puppy who loves to play.

He has his breed's telltale marking,

and has resulted in me knowing far too much about post surgical canine scrotal problems.  

He is observant and ever watchful

but mostly a dork.

Who knocked me down precisely 3 and a half seconds after I took this photo.

Welcome to the family Eli.  Please stop eating my knitting.

Love Mamma

Friday, March 25, 2011


So the SXSW melee that has taken over Austin for the last few weeks
has ended and while generally we avoid these things like the plague
there was the small thing about Matt Nathanson coming to town that changed the game .  This should come as no surprise.  You all know how I feel about Matt Nathanson.

The incident with the hammer caused us to miss the two chances we had on Friday and so we were left with Saturday morning.

8am on a Saturday morning surely meant we would be the only ones there.

except we weren't

Which would be okay because we would probably be the only ones there with kids.

except, again, we weren't

Long lines came first

K was not impressed

But we got to see Matt Nathanson and all was right with the world

and it was worth the trek!

On the walk back to the truck we passed the convention center.

Or a paper covered version of the convention center.

It was all very fluttery.

I am not generally impressed with the ingenuity of our city government, but I must say the pillars all being wrapped in plastic underneath all of the flyers was sufficiently impressive.

Super Son found this one with the Rock'em Sock'em Robots

He assured me that the blue one wins. 

Farewell SXSW until next year

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Adventures in Bible Study

For the last 7 years I have spent my Wednesday mornings with the same group of 10 women.

We talk about our lives, our children, our faith, our dreams, the price of pork bellies...
Whatever the day calls for.

More than a few of those Wednesdays have been spent with Beth Moore.

Usually she looks a bit like this.

Well not the awkward expression, although she does those pretty well, but she has always been on TV

Turns out she hosts a bible study at her church in Houston and so a portion of our group
decided to pack up and go see her live and in person.

She has a really big church

Funny thing is that after so many years of seeing her on the screen even though she was right there

We all kept looking over there.

Creatures of habit I guess.

The trip was fun, the company awesome and the food afterwards at Tiny Boxwoods only slightly less awesome than the company.  That steak was good, but they are my girls after all.  

Adventures in Bible study was a success

and even with directional drama and navigation system failures 
no one had to get rescued from a telephone booth.

"I'm begging you, it's really scary here.  I've just seen three people shoot up, a bald Chinese lady with no pants on, and there's this old guy outside who wants his bedroom slippers."

Name that movie...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You too can be as cool as me in 13 simple steps

Mamma, I can get outta the truck all by myself.

Watch me!

First you get your knee up on the side

And swing your leg over

Don't forget to hang on

Then you swing your other leg over

Mamma I can't find the tire.  Do you see it?

Oh wait, there it is

So now you get both your feet on the tire

I use the silver part of the wheel for a step

That's why they put it there right?

I'm almost there Mamma are you watching?

Then you jump

Don't forget to let go

See Mamma it's easy.  You can do it.

Now will you put me back in the truck?


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hammer Time

I have been known to participate in Not Me Monday before

but seriously when I announced last week that 

I did not hit Hero Husband in the head with a hammer

I was being entirely serious.

I did, however, go and meet him at the urgent care

to hold his hand and document for you all (you're welcome)

the fun/danger that comes with a remodeling project.

Oh Hero Husband, are you okay?

Oh no, that's gonna leave a mark

and a black eye

Let's get that puppy stitched up

Good thing the anesthetic worked.

All better!

So tell us, what happened?

Really Hero Husband, that's how you are going to play this. 

Where is that hammer?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Arteest in the making

Hero Husband has a bit of a reputation for planning fun dates.

Thanks to Groupon I found a place called Da Vino & Da Vinci 
and now I have leveled the playing field. 

Wine, snacks, supplies and some instruction and leave with your own work of art.

Blank canvas always freaks me out.

Bright colors make the horrible white canvas go away

I love bright colors

They start you off with a conversation about the selection to be painted for the class.
Some explanations about basic principles of depth and light.  

Armed with just enough information to be dangerous we sketched
our general idea on to the canvas.

Hero Husband and I decided to split the theme between our two 
canvases and hang the finished product side by side.

A visual he said / she said if you will.

The instructor was really nice and gave advice and direction when we needed it

I say "we" and what I mean is "I".  I needed help.

Lots of help.

You will notice Hero Husbands one nice little paper plate with paint on it.  
That would be my side covered in paper towels and 3 plates of paint.

My favorite piece of advice she gave was "get up, walk around."

Which means of course when she offered it I scoffed and ignored her.  

Until I began hating my verdant hills.  I began planning ways to turn them into a desert.  
She saw my frown lines, smiled knowingly and once again told me to get up and walk around.  

Which made all the difference in how I felt about my painting.

Surprise Surprise perspective means something in art too.

And so after hours of toiling away behind the canvas
I proudly present you with the arteests

We had a blast and are planning on coercing our friends into a painting party with us.

Consider yourselves warned.

For the record that is not paint on Hero Husband's head.

Suffice it to say he is okay and scars are distinguished on men.

We are, however, working on a better way to notify your spouse of injury 
than texting her a picture of the carnage, cause really, that's just not cool.  

The End

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring

My garden is planted

and the bees apparently got the memo

Friday, March 18, 2011

One more reason why I love my Mac

I have been using a macbook pro for a few years now and love it.  

A year ago my entire office platform switched to apple. 

My iMac is a thing of beauty.

A few weeks ago I offered to revamp the website for the Brent Thurman Foundation.  

You may remember the wonderful experience I had volunteering for them last year.

I could have never dreamed of doing this without iWeb. 

The site may not be slicker'n snot, but it does the job and really who wants to be that slick.  Kinda gross if you ask me.  

I am very pleased with how it came out.  Go check it out and tell me how much you love it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Super Son loves a good story.

This makes the 3rd Grade diorama project fun.

He chose a tall tale about Mose who was a firefighter in New York City.

He had hands as big as Virginia Hams and could swim the Hudson River in two strokes.

Super Son painted the backdrop, molded the people out of clay and painted the and 
used tissue paper to make his water and fire three dimensional 


There are even pieces of fallen lumber on the ground on fire and pipe cleaners for fire hoses.
He did an awesome job.

He was very proud of himself.

With good cause.

Way to go Super Son!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mason: A requiem

Many years ago my family had a place out in Mason, Texas where we would hunt.

It was hotter than the devil's underwear in the summer 
and it's where I learned all about my seasonal allergies.

Everyone there knew exactly where to find you when you said you
were going to sit by the big oak tree that fell in the gully.

I think it was the place where my Dad and I became friends and the only place
I have ever been where the stars were so thick and bright you didn't need a flashlight.

Hero Husband and I dated out there and built our own little love shack 
hunting cabin on a ridge overlooking the creek.

I shot my first deer there and loved the land of pink granite and red dirt.

I miss Mason.  More than the place I think I miss what it meant to me growing up.

I think of all the memories I have of that place.

For me, the girl who has so few memories of youth, I have thousands of Mason

I want "Mason" for my kids.  It feels unattainable, 
because Mason was Mason, and it isn't reachable anymore.

It has, however, become a bit of a biological imperative and I am at its mercy.

Which is why last weekend we spent 7 hours driving to and from South Texas to check
out Three Rivers.  Hero Husband wants to call it San Diego which I understand because
there are not three rivers anywhere that I could find, but still splainin' not San Diego
California, San Diego Texas seems like....well whatever I'm going with Three Rivers.

It wasn't Mason.

What it was, was a kernel of hope that it has the the potential to be like Mason.

It was not tall towering oaks and pecans with a river running through it.

It was short South Texas scrub brush and prickly thorns.

But it was also pink buttercups and a blessing that
Miss Thing could pick as many as she liked.

It was not red dirt and granite.

It was caliche and rattlesnakes.

But it was also riding in the back of a truck under wide sky where 
I could feel the promise of rain on my skin.  

And if I'm right I think the stars here might just be as bright.

And to give them Mason

I will deal with rattlesnakes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rattler Wrangler

Last weekend we went to South Texas

When we were leaving Hero Husband stopped the truck and demanded we all

"Check it out a rattlesnake!"

"Oh wow" I replied "That is huge"

and then I grabbed my camera and started to get out of the car

"Mamma, are you ready to run?" he says calmly rather than shrieking at my like the crazy fool I am "You know rattlesnakes can move at something like 12 miles per hour."

at which point I handed him my camera and told him to go take me a picture.

I'm generous that way and besides, you know I don't run.

"Mamma, where is the lens with zoom?"

"Sorry Hero Husband, all I brought was the macro.  Just get a little closer"

"Okay, maybe not that close."

"Really, I know it is pretty cool, but when they rattle at you like that it means something."

"Whew he's heading off into the brush"

"Ack, no he's not"

Our children are in the car watching us and learning that when you encounter a 
7 foot long rattlesnake in the middle of the road the appropriate response is to
 jump out of the car and photograph it.  I am having doubts about us.  

Can we go home now?

"Sure Mamma, lets go.  I need to stop at Academy and buy me some snake chaps anyway."