Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Adventures on Horseback

For Christmas Super Son was pleased to find out that Santa knows a few things about Groupons.  Especially when the Groupon he was paying attention to was for horseback riding lessons.  

It took awhile for Mamma to get around to scheduling things

Anticipation is half the fun right?

He was really excited to get started.

"Hi Blue, I'm Super Son.  I'm really excited to ride with you this afternoon."

We'll be great friends."

Wait a minute.  Blue bit who?  Are you okay Super Son?

An injury that would have in any other location resulted in gnashing of teeth was brushed off at the barn.  

Reason 638 why I am excited that we will have a barn of our own soon.

Somebody send the memo to Miss Thing.  

Whining is not the cowboy way.

So off to the riding

It took him a while to figure out how to post, but eventually he got it.

Then he practiced some steering on his own.

All of which was really fun, but what do you think would be the most entertaining to a 9 year old boy?

Seriously, take a guess.

If you have been around lately for dinner time jokes, or if you have a 9 year old of your own at home you are probably not surprised that it involved bodily functions.  

Just like at home you have to put your things away so Super Son brushed out his horse, put away his tack and then walked him back to the corral.

Even these guys managed a smile for Super Son for a job well done.

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