Monday, March 21, 2011

Arteest in the making

Hero Husband has a bit of a reputation for planning fun dates.

Thanks to Groupon I found a place called Da Vino & Da Vinci 
and now I have leveled the playing field. 

Wine, snacks, supplies and some instruction and leave with your own work of art.

Blank canvas always freaks me out.

Bright colors make the horrible white canvas go away

I love bright colors

They start you off with a conversation about the selection to be painted for the class.
Some explanations about basic principles of depth and light.  

Armed with just enough information to be dangerous we sketched
our general idea on to the canvas.

Hero Husband and I decided to split the theme between our two 
canvases and hang the finished product side by side.

A visual he said / she said if you will.

The instructor was really nice and gave advice and direction when we needed it

I say "we" and what I mean is "I".  I needed help.

Lots of help.

You will notice Hero Husbands one nice little paper plate with paint on it.  
That would be my side covered in paper towels and 3 plates of paint.

My favorite piece of advice she gave was "get up, walk around."

Which means of course when she offered it I scoffed and ignored her.  

Until I began hating my verdant hills.  I began planning ways to turn them into a desert.  
She saw my frown lines, smiled knowingly and once again told me to get up and walk around.  

Which made all the difference in how I felt about my painting.

Surprise Surprise perspective means something in art too.

And so after hours of toiling away behind the canvas
I proudly present you with the arteests

We had a blast and are planning on coercing our friends into a painting party with us.

Consider yourselves warned.

For the record that is not paint on Hero Husband's head.

Suffice it to say he is okay and scars are distinguished on men.

We are, however, working on a better way to notify your spouse of injury 
than texting her a picture of the carnage, cause really, that's just not cool.  

The End

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