Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bald is Beautiful

Hero Husband and Super Son are tired.

Their follicles have been working overtime

growing out luscious manes of hair for me to run my hands through.

Saturday was the day that they had working toward

the day their hair would be cast off their scalps and leave them to be sunburned.

All in the name of a good cause.

Children's Cancer Research.

First there was a parade

where even horses can get caught at a red light

we passed the big bat on the bridge

The mounted cavalry from Fort Hood were next to Hero Husband's engine

They were smiley guys and liked having their pictures taken.

There was some time to kill after the parade before the clippers actually started whirring so we went to the children's museum for some playtime.

#2 and J made "tamales" at the mi familia exhibit

These are much easier to make than real tamales, but likely not as tasty

K had a snack

and then we went back to the pub to make my boys bald.

Here we go Super Son... Say goodbye to your hair

Ohhh it tickles

No Mamma we won't be stopping at a mohawk even though it looks cool

Whew where did that breeze come from

Dad, you look...bald!  How do I look?

Bald.  Super Son, you look bald.

And it is a beautiful thing.

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  1. I love your family!! What a special wonderful thing to do...