Monday, March 07, 2011

A Birthday ~ Super Son Style

Hero Husband and I like to give our kids choices.

We figure that in childhood there is little that they truly have any say over.

So Miss Thing wears the red poof ball hair clip with her yellow sweater over a green dress and Super Son rides in the very back row of the truck for no reason except he can and he chooses to.

A few years ago we gave Super Son the choice of having a traditional birthday party, friends, cake, the works...or choose something else, like a mini-vacation.

He was very quick to decide.  Skiing.  He wanted to go skiing.

Aside from being disappointed that Ski School was not an adequate replacement for elementary school it was a great success.

This year we posed the same question.  Skiing sounded like fun, but with other demands of the calendar and the gods of the Independent School District not seeing fit to arrange a 4 day weekend around his birthday like they had the two prior years he decided that camping would be fun.

My parents still live on the acreage where I grew up and as it turns out their meadow is much more conducive to camping than an actual state park that was booked to capacity.

Oh and they have a little guest house with a comfy bed, heat and a bathroom for those accompanying any 9 year old campers.

Some other crazy stuff happened the day after his actual birthday that resulted in my parents duck and chick-sitting for #4 and her husband.

Apparently our full grown hens aren't as cute and cuddly cause Super Son wouldn't stay out of the coop.  

This little sucker kept pecking him in the ear.
He laughed and laughed.
I kept remembering how he wouldn't check for eggs at home for fear he might be pecked. 

Yeah Right, we'll see how well that one works next time.

As the sun went down Hero Husband pulled out a bottle of wine.

Then my Dad showed up with...the exact same bottle of wine.  

Man I love these guys!  

He also came bearing plastic cups.  
It would just be in poor taste to drink wine from the bottle after all.  

Hero Husband brought me a glass.

I have him well trained

Grampa then set to instructing his oldest grandchild in the fine art of fire building.

They were successful.'s what's for dinner.

While the fire is burning down to coals for cooking the Wee Ones decided it was time for a game.

Catch us Miss Thing.

Okay, here I come!

Then there was a tent to be set up,

Which is very serious work,

Presents to be opened,

Which resulted in a game of frisbee in the field.

Miss Thing decided that red wine was a good look for her.  

I most certainly did not wring her shirt out into my glass...

and if I did it was all in the name of conservation, recycling and going green.

Not everyone is as eco friendly as me.

Dinner was amazing as usual.  My Dad cooks a mean steak.  

You just can't go wrong with fire baked potatoes and ribeye.

Then we were off to the creek where we had a fire going

Miss Thing stole my camera,  this is becoming a theme, and took this spooky picture.

and then it was back to camp for chocolate cake

It was a very happy birthday for my favorite 9 year old.

Love you Super Son

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