Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Give a Kid a Camera - The Miss Thing Edition

Two weeks ago my youngest sister otherwise known as #4 was 35 weeks pregnant with her first baby.  

We called him the Magic Baby

I was really enjoying the vicarious fun of pregnancy without the pesky indigestion and swelling.

I had plans for a few more weeks of belly rubbing when I got a midnight call that Magic Baby  had decided 35 weeks was enough baking time and he was ready.

#4 and her husband planned on a home birth and they got their wish. 

Magic Baby was pink and perfect.

I spread the word and made plans to head over and check in on everyone.

Then I got another call.  

There is another baby.

There was much squealing and delight and more phone calls.

Miss Thing and I hightailed it over so super excited we could barely contain ourselves.

While the birth was at home and peaceful and so much of what they had hoped for Mama and the stowaway needed some extra help and everybody loaded up and went to the hospital.  

There were some scary parts and more than a little angst and worry.  

Two weeks later and everyone is home and healthy and catching up on their sleep.  Well at least I am.  Sorry #4.  I'm happy to rock babies so you can sleep.

But really, WOW, I got not only one nephew but two. 

Super Son is thrilled.  He sees himself as the captain of the new crew of boys.  I think he is making lists of things he wants to teach them already.

So Miss Thing and I went with Mama and Baby L to one hospital and Daddy went with Baby K to the children's hospital.

While we were there she was so patient while everyone rushed around so I didn't object when she grabbed my camera.  I was a little busy after all.

Hi Miss Thing!  Aren't you cute!

"Hi Mama!"

"I have this horsey shirt.  It's pink."

"I like to wear it with my flowery jeans."

"Miss Thing, didn't your Auntie just have two babies?

Can you tell us about them?"

"This is Baby L.  He's cute and I was the first one of the kids to get to hold him."

"Here's a the white board on the wall in the hospital room.  My Mom has one at work that she lets me color on."

"Hey Mama Smile!"

"and this is the weird blow up warming blanket that they were using to help make my Auntie feel better."

"Oh and here's me with Baby K.  He has a dimple like me, but his is on his chin.  I got to hold him first too.  But I'm just telling not bragging"

"and these are my shoes."

It took a few days before the boys were back together with both Mama and Daddy.

"I think they missed each other Mama."

"My Mama likes to hold the babies.  Every time she does she starts making faces."

"I think she's scaring them.  Oh and this is out the babies window at the hospital."

"This is Baby K.  He has little ears."

"Mama, can I touch the lines on your forehead?  They feel bumpy."

No Miss Thing.  You may not touch the lines on my head.


And give me back my camera. 

Love you

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