Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rattler Wrangler

Last weekend we went to South Texas

When we were leaving Hero Husband stopped the truck and demanded we all

"Check it out a rattlesnake!"

"Oh wow" I replied "That is huge"

and then I grabbed my camera and started to get out of the car

"Mamma, are you ready to run?" he says calmly rather than shrieking at my like the crazy fool I am "You know rattlesnakes can move at something like 12 miles per hour."

at which point I handed him my camera and told him to go take me a picture.

I'm generous that way and besides, you know I don't run.

"Mamma, where is the lens with zoom?"

"Sorry Hero Husband, all I brought was the macro.  Just get a little closer"

"Okay, maybe not that close."

"Really, I know it is pretty cool, but when they rattle at you like that it means something."

"Whew he's heading off into the brush"

"Ack, no he's not"

Our children are in the car watching us and learning that when you encounter a 
7 foot long rattlesnake in the middle of the road the appropriate response is to
 jump out of the car and photograph it.  I am having doubts about us.  

Can we go home now?

"Sure Mamma, lets go.  I need to stop at Academy and buy me some snake chaps anyway."

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