Friday, March 25, 2011


So the SXSW melee that has taken over Austin for the last few weeks
has ended and while generally we avoid these things like the plague
there was the small thing about Matt Nathanson coming to town that changed the game .  This should come as no surprise.  You all know how I feel about Matt Nathanson.

The incident with the hammer caused us to miss the two chances we had on Friday and so we were left with Saturday morning.

8am on a Saturday morning surely meant we would be the only ones there.

except we weren't

Which would be okay because we would probably be the only ones there with kids.

except, again, we weren't

Long lines came first

K was not impressed

But we got to see Matt Nathanson and all was right with the world

and it was worth the trek!

On the walk back to the truck we passed the convention center.

Or a paper covered version of the convention center.

It was all very fluttery.

I am not generally impressed with the ingenuity of our city government, but I must say the pillars all being wrapped in plastic underneath all of the flyers was sufficiently impressive.

Super Son found this one with the Rock'em Sock'em Robots

He assured me that the blue one wins. 

Farewell SXSW until next year

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