Friday, April 08, 2011

My Wee Ones are Weird

After a long day of working in the garden, wrestling with the dog and cooking ribs with Hero Husband
what does Super Son say he absolutely MUST do before we call the day done and head in for bed?

Swim Mamma.  I really want to go swimming.

Super Son you do realize that we just topped off the pool i.e. the water is cold

the sky has been cloudy all day i.e. the water is cold

it is early in April i.e. the water is cold

It's not cold Mamma.  I'll show you.

He proceeds to strip in the yard and wade in.

Mind you his first choice was to cannonball into the deep end.  Hero Husband vetoed the idea fearing the cold would shock his system into inhaling as he splashed breathing in the water and drowning.

Good thinking Hero Husband, in the future let's just go with a No.  
I would have been happy not knowing that could happen.

See Mamma.  It's chilly, but not cold.  Here I go!

Pappa, can I cannonball now?


At which point Miss Thing is troubled that she could be missing out on something so fun,
strips down to her chones,

dips her toe in to decide if in fact her brother has lost his mind.

Confirms he is crazy 

and hightails it to her towel

Eli required no verification that they are weird

and that maintaining a healthy distance in dealing with crazy people was a good idea.

Very Smart Eli

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