Monday, May 02, 2011

Bon Ton

I scored tickets to a private concert with the ever-awesome Jewel and so Hero Husband and I dropped the kids with his parents and we headed up to Dallas for a wonderful little weekend away.

We started by stopping in at Bon Ton Vintage in Forreston

I found this amazing gem of a shop through another blogger who is similarly afflicted with a love for vintage...well, vintage everything.

They had everything I have ever wanted to find in a vintage shop

Huge quantities of vinyl,

books, old photos, suitcases, and then we got to the clothes...

and the hats and the handbags and the dresses and the...

excuse me I need to fan myself.

Hero Husband asked me if there was a chance we could be out in 20 minutes. 

At least that's what I think he asked.  I was already sprinting to the back of the shop when I spotted something shiny.  

We did have other places to go and so I managed to restrain myself.  It was an effort was unfathomable in its difficulty, but I managed.

Seriously people, clap for me.  

I left with only two bags, which in and of itself is miraculous.

Hero Husband has been warned that we will be stopping on our next trip to Dallas and there will be no time limitations.


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