Thursday, May 05, 2011


After we left Forney it was on to McKinney for the main event of the weekend.


I'll begin by telling you that I love music.  

I have maybe one little tiny bone in the pinky toe of my left foot that has any musical ability.  
This lack of ability I think gives me a more profound appreciation for those with musical talent.  
At least that's what I tell myself.

Jewel is an amazing artist.  She has talent just bursting out of her.  

Unfair really if you think about it, considering the size of my pinky toe and all, except that she is also by all accounts a pretty freaking decent person and she shares her gift with us.

Over the years she has put on what are called EDA events.  
Limited entry, free concerts for those EDA fans.

EDA's are Every Day Angels.  Casually it's a name for her online fans.  On a deeper level it is a community of people who love Jewel and her music and connect with each other through the group.  

This was my first EDA event.

In all there were about 175 fans and their +1's

There was a picnic for the EDA's to meet and hang out before the show.
Hero Husband and I had been visiting with family and running around and sadly we missed that part of the weekend.

Once we arrived we queued up and waited while everyone was checked in and given their autographed passes.   

And then she sang.

Wait.  That is such a profound word that lower case just doesn't do it justice.

And then she SANG.

And told stories

And picked super glue off her fingers

and talked to us

And gave away prizes for the fan who traveled the farthest (France if you were wondering)

and took requests

and introduced us (well at least me) to a musician we'd never met before

and took a yearbook photo with all of us in the background

and thanked us for coming

and sang some more...

3 and a half hours in all

joyfully and generously

all while very pregnant

None of it was top 40 radio popular, making it all the more special for those fans who helped her remember how their favorite song began.  It was a musical whirlwind romance for her EDA's who cherish the magic she makes musically for all its depth, range and lyrically evocative richness.

It was Texfest 2011 and it was a night like I have never had before.

Thank you Jewel and the EDA's for an amazing night!

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