Monday, May 30, 2011

My Dance Recital. As told by Miss Thing

I had a dance recital on a stage at a theatre.

I got to wear a tutu and flowers in my hair

I did a ballet run to get to my spot and then I waited for everyone else.

We all danced together.

That's me doing a spin.

After I did it I had to check that I was still in my spot.  
Miss Michelle taught us how to check while we were dancing.  

It's called a bow.

That's Santi next to me.   He was the only boy in our class.

This was the part where we took four steps to the side and four steps back.

and then checked to see if we were on our spots again.

After some more dancing I got to do one more turn and did a ballet run off the stage.

My favorite part was all the flowers.

Everybody came to see me dance and they brought me flowers.

I still have some in a cup in the kitchen.

Can I go put on my tutu now Mama?

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