Tuesday, May 03, 2011


In rushing me out of Bon Ton, Hero Husband wasn't stifling my vintage shopping compulsions just to be mean.  We actually had somewhere to be.  
Turns out some of the boys from his fire station play football with the Central Texas Wolf Pack.  Did you know there was a National Public Safety Football League?  
Well that makes two of us.  And now we all know something that we didn't yesterday.  

Yay Readers!

So we spent the last part of our warm sunny afternoon watching a motley assortment of firemen, police and EMT's smack each other around on a football field.

Welcome to Texas!

Our Wolf Pack was playing the Dallas Defenders who have a very cool logo and definitely had some home field advantage.

What they didn't have on their side though was Eli.

Oh, I forgot to tell you.  We took Eli with us.

He got to meet his first canine cousin, Brody, and have a sleepover. 

Eli has a weird sitting position.

I thought initially it was because that's what his posterior was demanding after his neutering had been something slightly more traumatic than the average surgical procedure that removes your testicles, but it turns out that he just likes to sit that way. 

I continue to be amused and so I continue to take pictures.

At some point near the middle of the 4th quarter the Wolf Pack was down and the line of scrimmage was right next to our seats.

We learned another little something about Eli.

He doesn't like it when people talk smack.  Namely football playing cops from Dallas talking smack immediately after a play that involved a fair amount of helmets cracking together.  

He jumped up barking in his growly baritone and put his feet on the fence.

Eli is something close to 6 foot 4 when he stands up like that

The players all jumped.  

I laughed.

And then the Wolf Pack decided that Eli must have bee objecting to some obviously bad call by the official and cheered for him like he was their mascot. 

Sadly, our sports mojo only seems works on professional teams and the Wolf Pack didn't win this game.

But there's always next time and we had fun

Go Wolf Pack!

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