Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gay Bingo!

What does a good wife do when her husband is working hard on a remodel
putting in crazy 16 hour days, besides providing regular back rubs?

She packs him off to Dallas for a night of drag queen spectacularity that is Gay Bingo!

This is Jocelyn.

She has gravity defying boobs.

I am working on coming to terms with gravity.

Jocelyn will throw your booty in Gay Bingo Jail if you don't follow the rules.

Thankfully we are all good at following the rules.

Cause the only way to get out of Gay Bingo Jail is to

1. Have your friends bail you out.  Assuming that they didn't bribe the jailers to lock you up in the first place you are out of luck if you have cheap friends.

2. Strip.  On Stage.

3. Make out with the Bingo Ball Caller.

I really should have bribed the jailers.

Hero Husband won a t-shirt


even though we didn't win a game of bingo we had a few drinks and a lot of fun.

If there was any question that we had a good time
it was cleared up when I rolled over the next morning and found 
Hero Husband covered in bingo dauber ink.

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