Thursday, July 14, 2011


I woke up one morning not long ago and stepped into a puddle.

It was not the best way to start the day.

I was certain that Eli had relieved himself on my rug,

Bad dog.

I began the clean up effort and quickly realized that unless Eli had grown to the size of an elephant overnight there was no way that the "puddle" could be of his making.

This was a relief until after moving furniture, rolling up rugs and turning on fans

I found my beautiful wood floors ... buckled.

The washing machine was just on the other side of the wall.

And I had found my culprit.

There is a rubber thingy that connects the soap dispenser to the big part of the washer that spins.
All of the water used to wash the clothes comes through this thingy.  

I'm all about being technically correct as you can tell.

 The rubber thingy... It had exploded.

My clothes had not been washed and now all of the water had been lapping
under the wall into my bedroom.

Maybe that's why I slept so well that night.

The sounds of water lapping gently against my baseboards and night stand.

Of course to add insult to buckled Brazilian koa wood floors I had waited way to long to do laundry.

Super Son had no underwear.

Miss Thing had no Monkey Bar Buddies and was prevented from wearing dresses.  Oh the horror.

By the time we figured out that the thingy that had exploded was the problem and not a
sock stuck in the drain line (because yes that has happened too) 
Sears was closed and didn't have the part in stock anyway.

This is the time that resourceful Mamma's grab their cameras, dollar bills and 
all of the laundry and head to the laundromat.

We had so much laundry it almost didn't fit into the back of my SUV with the seats all folded up.

I learned something about myself this Friday night.

I love the laundromat

Irrationally, devotedly, love the laundromat.

I loaded my 142 loads of laundry into machines and all of the clothes were washed simultaneously and in half the time it takes for a single load at home.

Then I transferred everything into the dryers.

Where they dried.

All at the same time.

And in half the time it takes to dry at home.

Without destroying my floors.

Everything emerged warm and fluffy.  
There were rolling baskets that were exactly the right height.
I folded, stacked and returned to my baskets the evenings work.

I did in two hours I did what would have taken 10 or more at home.

I met some really nice ladies,

returned home with underthings for my Wee Ones

and stopped at Sonic and bought Hero Husband a milk shake to celebrate.

I am now actively trying to convince him to buy me another 
washer and dryer so we can have our own laundromat at home.

Maybe red ones that don't have exploding rubber thingys on them.

I'll keep you posted on that.

The End.

P.S. I ordered, picked up and installed the replacement rubber 
thingy and fixed the washer all by myself. Hero Husband cheered for me, 
wiped the grease smudge of my cheek and made me cookies.

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