Monday, July 04, 2011

The most fun Father's Day gift I've ever given Hero Husband

Super Son decided to write a story where
our entire family was sucked through a vortex and learned that we had super powers. 
I helped to type it out and assemble it, and then he illustrated it.

Miss Thing expressed herself with paints and canvas.
Rainbows, Eli, Daddy and her all together smiling.

Father's Day was a fun exercise in creativity for them both
and they were very proud of their creations.

My gift to him was nearly a year in the making.

I discovered Erin online.  She runs a specialty photography studio in Killeen.

Specialty you say?  What kind of specialty?

Erin specializes in vintage pin-up photography.

And boy is she good at what she does.

I collected images with poses that I liked, practiced my pin-up faces,
shopped around for accessories and chose hairstyles.  

Finally I was ready and booked my session.

Mother's Day arrived and I wondered how his plans would compare to mine.

He took me to Heritage boots and bought me
these and the last of my costumes was complete.

I took the day off work, telling him I would be in meetings all day and hustled to Killeen.

Erin went through everything I brought, helped define the selections
and added jewelry or props from her gargantuan closet of goodies.

Hair and makeup were done in the studio and were included in the package price.

Seriously I could take up residence in her studio and be happy for a very long time.

She posed, directed and snapped away.

It was so smooth and easy and most of all fun.

My only complaint is one of my own making...
Hero Husband didn't know where I was or what I was doing and so before coming home I had to take down my glorious victory rolls and tone down my lusciously red lipstick.

And so with his permission I share with you

The Most Fun Father's Day Gift I've ever given Hero Husband 

and the one that made my friends do this when they saw the proofs.

Yes, those are the boots!

And with some help from the guys at the station 
I managed to pick up all of his fire fighting gear to take with me

 All assembled and printed he has his very own pin-up calendar all of me.

Oh, and he liked it too...I have ways of telling these things.

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