Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Principal's Award

There's this really awesome kid that I gave birth to.

We call him Super Son round these parts.

He loves to tell stories and has a soft heart.

School hasn't always been the easiest thing for him.

Even on his hardest days the kid just keeps on pushing through.

As his 3rd grade year wound to an end he checked to make sure 
I was planning on coming to the assembly.

Lots of kids were awarded for lots of things,

Super Son received the Principals Award

Which has been the culmination off all of his hard work.

Straight A's all year

and perfect marks for development and good behavior.

He was so proud to get it and hangs it prominently in our schoolroom at home.

I am most proud that he continued to work every day even when it was hard and that when you ask him what he is proud of it's not because the marks on the paper reflect how hard he worked, but he will tell you it's because he did HIS very best.

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  1. Nice! I got special attention from the principal in elementary school, but mostly in the form of being sent to his office ;-)