Thursday, July 07, 2011

Remodel Stage I - Find the bones

The first stage in any remodel is a plan.

Some houses reveal themselves clearly and simply.

This house was was not one of them.

Originally built in the early 1960's we were pleased to find that the closets were generously sized.  
Unfortunately sometime in the last 20 years there was an addition built.  
Extra square footage can be a good thing, when carefully thought out and constructed.
This was not one of those.

It was situated across from the Master Bedroom (to the right) and then the roof lines were joined in the middle.  The ultimate result was a tunnel and a roof that held water and windows from the master bedroom looking into the bathroom of the addition.

The deck was situated above the slab and the tree was dead.

All three had to go just to be able to see what was really there and what we could do with it.

The addition also took what used to be the back porch and brought it into the house.

What it didn't do was tie the spaces together.

It was a sunken tiled room that almost felt like an atrium.

and walled off the kitchen turning it into a galley with very little countertop space

The entrance to the hallway was just off the living room.
Putting the guest/hall bath down the hall and the "kids" rooms visible from the living room.

We knew that these things had to change and we thought that closing up the entrance in the living room and moving it to the sunken atrium would make the kids bedrooms more protected from noise and make the hall/guest bath more easily accessible.  

That meant tearing down walls and seeing if it flowed the way we thought it would.

The most difficult room that we found in this house though, was the master bathroom.

It was a narrow room with very little space and only a shower.

A small shower at that.

The space was also divided.

Inside the bathroom was a sink, toilet and shower.

Outside was a dressing area and closet.

The other spaces we had an idea and just need to see it manifest to be sure it would work.

The master bath was a conundrum.

We drew it 14 different ways and still couldn't figure out a good way to make it work.

Demo then design was the only way we could proceed.

We absorbed the unusual closet with the stairs inside and the hall closet 
to create a much larger space and give us the room we needed to 
enclose the toilet area and allow enough space to install a soaker tub.

By bringing the hall closet into the master bath we opted to carve out some space from the master bedroom and create a nicely oversized closet/utility/storage room.

Major layout decisions are out of the way.

Next:  cabinets and kitchen layout 

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  1. Fascinating! Please keep the posts and pix coming!