Friday, July 15, 2011

Remodel Stage II - Kitchen choices

We bought this house.

And now its time to put it all back together.

The weird sunken atrium had to go and so we floated the 
floor up to match the living and kitchen

We liked the brick in the fireplace and the kitchen and decided to keep those elements.

With the walls sheetrocked, taped, floated and textured we had the actual measurements needed to order cabinets and countertops.

We chose to order them through IKEA.

They offer a handy design tool that is user friendly and allows you to see everything in several convenient views Aerial, 360 etc. while you move things around and jet it just right.

They also happen to have pretty rockin' cabinets with dampers on all the drawers and doors.
Never in this house will a cabinet door or drawer be slammed.

If we ever re-do our kitchen at home we will seriously looking at these for ourselves.

They also offer cabinet installation and countertops.

The weekend we placed our order they were offering 20% off your entire kitchen order if you bought 3 appliances.

Eureka!  We just happened to need a fridge, dishwasher and range.  

With the discount it was very affordable to increase the granite order
and use it for the countertops in the addition (otherwise known as the poker room),
laundry room and bathrooms.  

We chose the tan-brown granite for the kitchen and laundry and a variety of beautiful swirly tans blacks and golds for the others.

Before the countertops are in I have to go shopping (big sacrifice I know) and choose sinks, faucets, fans and light fixtures.

Hero Husband often says that I have a super power.  The uncanny ability when presented with three nearly identical choices to always pick the most expensive of them.

Let's hope for the sake of the budget that I carry some kryptonite with me.

IKEA is just awesome. 
They have never heard of me and did not pay for or sponsor this post.


  1. Nice! I especially like the apron sink.

    If we lived closer to an IKEA I'd be seriously tempted to do our kitchen through them. But the nearest one is two hours away, so we'll probably go with a local stock cabinet vendor.

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