Friday, July 22, 2011

Remodel Stage III - Pretty Things

The cabinets arrived and were installed.

Then the granite.

Yay the kitchen is looking so pretty.

Houses built in the 1960's did not have the technology that we do now
and all of the windows in the house were shiny silver and very inefficient.

So we hired a retrofit company.

They specialize in removing old windows and replacing them with lovely
vinyl clad LowE vapor barrier double paned beauties.

Not an inexpensive option with a house full of so many windows

but one that very quickly updates the curb appeal
and gives the whole house a clean and bright feeling.

Hero Husband and I had a hard time choosing a front door we both liked.
The living room felt darker than the rest of the house and 
we were sure of two things.

1.  We wanted to incorporate windows to brighten the room

2. We did not want traditional "Side Light" windows

Considering the size of the opening that was left when we took out the original double doors
we had a lot of space to work with.  I originally wanted a full panel glass door and Hero Husband argued that it would be too much and not offer any privacy.

After a bunch of digging around I found this door online at Home Depot and fell in love.
Paired with the lovely 24 inch windows on either side we got the light we wanted and the esthetic feel we needed from the curb.

I'm sure the people who buy the house will end up covering them in 
some way, but for now you can look in the front window and see 
through the glass back door all the way to the back of the .79 acre lot

It came out exactly like I had hoped, and yes, that means that
 Hero Husband was right about not choosing a full glass door.

You might have also noticed that around the same time the wood floors were installed.

I love these floors.

They are and engineered hardwood, have the hand scraped finish and are 5 inch planks.

It's a good thing I love these floors because I am going to be the one on my hand and knees cleaning and polishing them when we are done.


  1. Shannon! This all looks so AMAZING!!! You have some mighty fine taste! Love it! When you are on your hands and knees polishing that gorgeous floor, wear one of the outfits you wore in the boudoir photoshoot. And make sure the kids are at a friend's house. :-)

  2. Those floors are really pretty. And I love the cabinets too.