Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Remodel - Finished!

The Epic Rainbows and Sunshine RV Trip took over the last few weeks, then school started and I just realized that I never gave you the final update on the Remodel.

The house is done.


And now is on the market for sale.

You are welcome to come and buy it.

I'm talking to you Brenda!

Or send your friends and family to come and buy it.

As long as they are good neighbors.

No weirdos.

Oh wait.  They will have to live across the street from us so weird might be a good thing.

Our realtor extraordinaire put together a virtual tour that you can view by clicking here.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 14 - Oh Texas my Texas

After Dinner in Perry we loaded back up and drove another short leg
to Guthrie, Oklahoma.

They don't have an RV park in Perry.

The kids were in bed and asleep by the time we arrived and it wasn't until the next 
morning that they were able to see where we were.

Miss Thing dared not venture out of the RV for fear of being carried off
by the giant carnivorous mosquitos.

Super Son being immune via his father's genetic contribution was
out collecting rocks and inspecting the redness of the Oklahoma soil.

If left to his own devices I'm sure he would have figured out how to 
weigh himself and take home his body weight in precious rocks that must never be discarded.

Alas, Guthrie it is time for us to say goodbye.

And as we left we ventured from the land of
green into the desolation that is drought land.

The only upside I have found to this drought is a new road trip game.

Count the wildfire burns.

Whoever gets to 50 first wins.

I really didn't ever want to get to 50.

I was even tricked into thinking that fall was coming early.

Some of the leaves were a lovely rusty color.

Sadly they were just too close to the fires and were crispy.

The Red River marked our transition out of Oklahoma.

Which makes for one seriously squiggily state line.

The Wee Ones were so very patient 
looking out the windows,
playing games,
stealing my seat.

Which I had refused to give up until we saw this sign.

Oh Texas my Texas!

Even with your dry unrelenting miserable sweaty hot summer
you are home and we are glad to see you.

Someone google map the closest RV sales lot.  I think we need one of our own!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 13 - And the drive begins

 It is always hard for vacation to end, but today is the day we
start our drive home.

At home it is over a 100 degrees and hasn't rained in months

here it is 60 degrees and rained on me, a lot.

Even raining on me there is almost no humidity here.

My hair is so happy.

We kept shocking each other with static electricity.

Me and Hero Husband
not me and my hair.

Just to be clear.

The biggest surprise of the day for me was Eastern Colorado.

It was so darn flat.

It looked like what I expected Kansas or Oklahoma to look like

And then it was official.

We had left Colorado.

But I was excited to see Kansas.

It was beautiful and green.

There were sunflower farms.

It was hotter than Colorado.


After leaving Kansas we were warmly welcomed into Oklahoma.

They have been suffering through a drought too.

But apparently had had some rain in the last few weeks.

Things looked perky.

And there were mosquitos.

We stopped off in Perry.

My grandparents were born in Perry, Oklahoma and I had never been there.

Perry is a quaint small town that I can imagine them growing up in.

It is also was site of the Cherokee Strip land rush.

The town square is such a throwback

including the Kumback.

I can just imagine my Great Uncle Bob having lunch here with my Grandfather.

My Grandmother walks in and she's wearing this awesome vintage hat...

Sorry I digress.

Oklahoma has some beautiful sunsets.

I can totally see the appeal.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 12 Part Two - Rain in Breckenridge

After our morning horseback ride we got settled back at the 
fancy schmancy campground just outside of Breckenridge and it wasn't 
long before the Wee Ones were ready to get back out and enjoy
our last day in Colorado.

They opted for a bike ride.

Breckenridge has an amazing bike trail that connects the communities.  
It is set off from the highway.  I wish Austin had one.
I also wish Austin was 75 degrees yesterday.

I have been reminded a few times on this trip that I am a bit slow to adjust
to altitude.  It was not surprising when riding my bike and pulling Miss Thing 
on the tag-a-long was challenging.

It wasn't so much that the ride was all that hard.
I have climbed more and bigger hills and this was only a few miles to ride.

It was that this was the easy part.  The return trip would be really uphill.

And then it started to rain.

We laughed and were glad that we had put on sweaters before we left.

Then I started scoping out bus stops.  There was no way I was going 
back up the mountain in the rain.

The gondola had been closed early because of the lightning and
so we found Eric's Downstairs and ordered some dinner.

I found their motto amusing.

Oh and the food was good too.

When we were done it was still raining and the clouds sagging down 
from the tops of the mountains.

We found the bus stop and were ready to load our bikes when
the driver asked where we were going.

Hero Husband gave him the name of the Fancy Schmancy RV park
to which we were told...

Oh I won't be heading there for another 45 minutes, maybe an hour
and by then the route may actually close for the night.

I sighed in despair.

I was going to have to ride my bike 






Off we went.

The wind with the moisture made our fingers tingle.

Miss Thing agreed to help pedal.

Except she didn't

And neither did I.  

We didn't have to, we were flying!

Then Hero Husband slows down a bit and smiles at me

"Did you notice that are going the same direction as the river?"



My humiliation was tempered by the fact that I didn't 
have to ride my bike up the mountain, again.

And the scenery as we flew back down the mountain
wasn't too shabby.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 12 - Rusty Spurr

Anticipation of horseback riding is not conducive 
to sleep for 9 year olds.

It was still dark outside when Super Son whispered 
in my ear while I was sleeping
"Mamma I'm gonna go outside and take a picture"

I don't recall responding but when I did get up I found this on my camera

Well this one and 247 more that look a lot like it.

I guess after my Grand Canyon sunrise I shouldn't be surprised
that my offspring would choose to do the same thing.

Horseback riding is apparently a good motivator for the Wee Ones.

They were dressed and ready in no time and we were on the road.

We found the turn to the Rusty Spurr with no problem and were greeted by this.

So beautiful

We followed this road 4 miles into the foothills

And then we reached the bunkhouse

They don't rent pigs, if you were wondering.

Super Son told Miss Thing all that she needed to know about horses. 

They are apparently missing Eli

a lot.

Every dog they meet is getting the full love treatment.

It wasn't long and then we met our horses 

I was riding Delbert

Super Son was riding Thunder, who was named for his gastric emanations.
He spent the next two hours proving he was well named.

Miss Thing was riding Patches

Hero Husband paired up with Cactus

and we're off!

I love it when Hero Husband takes a photo with horse ears in it.

This is truly a beautiful piece of earth.

Miss Thing felt confident enough to try no hands.

We rode through aspen groves, sage brush

and gorgeous mountains.

I could do this all day!

And this is what Miss Thing does after an exciting morning on the ranch.

It's worth recommending that if you are in the area you call the Rusty Spurr Ranch and book a ride.
The wranglers were knowledgeable (Hi Heather) and nice.

They treat their horses really well and it shows.

These people really do it right and I can't wait to go back and ride with them again.

The Rusty Spurr only knows me cause I annoyed them with my endless 
chatter for a few hours last week.  They did not sponsor this review in any way

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 11 - Kremmling

Ten years ago when Hero Husband and I were in Colorado for the first time skiing at Copper Mountain we stopped in a little shop on the side of the road and bought a chainsaw carved bear.  It has sat next to our front door since then and since Super Son started school it has served as the backpack rack.

I was so thrilled to find the store still there and still selling bears.

Miss Thing starts kindergarten next week and it was agreed that she needed her own backpack bear.

She chose a pretty black bear with hair the same color as hers.

The fancy schmancy campground didn't have a spot available for us on Saturday night and so we checked out and headed down the road a bit to the Wolford Reservoir just outside of Kremmling for the night where we learned something.

Lakes in Colorado are cold.

This one is fed by a creek and not by the snow melt and that supposedly makes it warmer than the others.

All I know is that it was cold.

Nevertheless the Wee Ones were still 100% committed to getting wet.

That is until they put their toes in and then turned around
and hightailed it back to the campground.

We were able to convince them that riding in a paddle boat would
keep them dry and we could still go play "in" the water.

On our walk to the boat rental area Super Son read a sign that promised $20 for every pike that you turned in.  He felt it was his mission for the day to catch a pike.

Sadly he had no luck but it was a fun day and tomorrow we are going horseback riding 
and that seemed to make up for it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 10 - Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Colorado is such a beautiful place.

Hero Husband and I came here for the first time 10 years 
ago and fell in love with the Frisco/Dillon area.

Sadly there are really no RV campgrounds in those areas
and so we settled on the only place we could find near 
Breckenridge and when we called they had a last minute cancellation.

Breckenridge is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it is a bit more 
upscale than we were anticipating.

We are driving a really nice 35 foot RV and when we pulled into the RV park
you'd have thought we were driving a Gremlin.

But hey, we've never been much on keeping up with the Jones'.

All along the way we saw pine trees.

What was different was that these pine trees were not all green.

Many were dead.

Super Son explained to us that the Pine Beetle had infested many 
forests in North America killing lots of pine trees.  They live in the 
bark and give the tree a fungus that basically starves it.

I thought he was making this up.
Surely a 9 year old didn't know that much about the Pine Beetle.
Alas, Alfred the Hedgehog has taught him this relevant detail for our trip.

Seeing so many of these beautiful trees die was really heartbreaking.
The red and gray colored trees have been attacked by the beetle.
Once they are attacked there is nothing that can be done.  The tree will die.

In some areas we saw entire hillsides bare.

Climate change has been a huge contributing factor.

Warmer, milder winters allow the beetles to flourish.

Always looking for the silver lining we did find a furniture manufacturer in 
the area that uses pine beetle wood for his products and with so many pine 
trees dying off will allow the aspen, spruce and other trees a chance to flourish

And on that positive note.  We got checked in to the campground.

Super Son and Miss Thing immediately grabbed their bikes and were off.

Hero Husband grabbed a lawn chair and a beer.

I forgot that altitude takes time for me to adjust and I drank mine way to quickly.

We did have a lovely view

and the roads were easy for the kids to get around on.

Super Son and I were really excited about seeing the Perseid 
meteor shower, that is until this showed up over the ridge.

We decided to take it as a chance to tinker with the
camera and get some good full moon photos.

The cool brisk night made me so glad that Hero Husband 
decided on this beautiful little slice of heaven.  

Good Night All.