Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Adventures in the Dark

I live in a really cool city.

It manages to feel like a big city and a small town all at the same time.

I can shop at Nordstroms in the morning and
run into Super Son's best buddy from preschool at the park in the afternoon.

I have lived in Austin virtually all of my life.

I have during those years spent varying amounts of time at Barton Springs

It is a beautiful oasis in the center of our semi-humble city
that boasts 64 degree clear clean spring fed refreshment year round.

It was the first place that I became aware that people could, 
would and did swim and sunbathe topless.

It is also the first place I ever saw people actually wearing speedos.

My psyche has been scarred ever since.

A few weeks ago I heard about a Full Moon Swim at the spring.

Considering the unrelenting 100+ degree days we have been bearing
lately it sounded like fun.

Miss Thing had been enjoying her temporary status as only child while
Super Son was away at camp and she was game for an adventure.

I have decided that  I prefer swimming in Barton Springs in the dark.

In the dark you can't see the grasses that grow on the bottom of the pool.

The grasses that reach for you.

The grasses that tickle you when you aren't expecting it.

The grasses that make it impossible for me to swim in the spring with goggles because ack I can SEE them reaching for me when I wear goggles.

Plus there was the fun bonus part of Full Moon Swim

Everyone howls at the moon.

And when you get out of the briskly refreshing water the heat feels more balmy than stifling.

So we howled, and then Miss Thing changed into her jammies for the ride home.

When you are 5 adventures in the dark can be exhausting.

The End.

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