Monday, August 08, 2011

Day 1 - And We're Off

The big day has arrived,

the RV is loaded

and we're off!

Super Son and Miss Thing are loving the freedom of being able to move around a bit while on the road.  This was one of the largest factors in Hero Husband's willingness to take an RV trip.  The chorus of "are we there yet?" should be held off for more than 5 minutes.  Right?  Give me hope here people.

Well we made it at least 5 minutes before having to stop here.

Seriously, as soon as I tweeted "On the Road!  Yay!" Hero Husband was pulling in.

The Wee Ones promptly took out every game, coloring book and toy that was packed and plowed through them in under an hour. 

They were excited that's for sure.

Day One brought us out of Texas through San Angelo and Lubbock.

This RV has the biggest windows of any vehicle I have ever ridden in.  
It's a bit like riding in a fishbowl.  The full panoramic view of 
the sun setting was truly beautiful.

It is a seriously long and flat drive that for us was punctuated with games of Uno, 
a Snow White DVD and a stopover in Sweetwater, TX.
Home of the world's largest Rattlesnake Roundup. 

Sweetwater made me realize how nice it is to live in a 
city where there is a no smoking ordinance.  Ack, cough, hack.  

Lubbock has a drive-in movie theatre that we passed as they were showing the Smurf movie. 

I have always wanted to stop at a drive in.

Anyway.  We hustled all the way across our great state and made 
it to Clovis, New Mexico where we had our first campground reservation.

I drove those last 4 hours to Clovis.

My hands are still curved into the shape of the steering wheel.

But more on that later.

The RV is great.  Comfortable and more than willing to take one for the team.

RV - 3,428

Bugs -  0

We arrived in Clovis pretty late and didn't do much more than check in and fall into our beds.

The next morning the Wee Ones were up and raring to go.

The campground had a playscape and they took a few minutes to work 
out the wiggles and I wandered around.

And so we're off to a great start!

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