Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 10 - Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Colorado is such a beautiful place.

Hero Husband and I came here for the first time 10 years 
ago and fell in love with the Frisco/Dillon area.

Sadly there are really no RV campgrounds in those areas
and so we settled on the only place we could find near 
Breckenridge and when we called they had a last minute cancellation.

Breckenridge is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it is a bit more 
upscale than we were anticipating.

We are driving a really nice 35 foot RV and when we pulled into the RV park
you'd have thought we were driving a Gremlin.

But hey, we've never been much on keeping up with the Jones'.

All along the way we saw pine trees.

What was different was that these pine trees were not all green.

Many were dead.

Super Son explained to us that the Pine Beetle had infested many 
forests in North America killing lots of pine trees.  They live in the 
bark and give the tree a fungus that basically starves it.

I thought he was making this up.
Surely a 9 year old didn't know that much about the Pine Beetle.
Alas, Alfred the Hedgehog has taught him this relevant detail for our trip.

Seeing so many of these beautiful trees die was really heartbreaking.
The red and gray colored trees have been attacked by the beetle.
Once they are attacked there is nothing that can be done.  The tree will die.

In some areas we saw entire hillsides bare.

Climate change has been a huge contributing factor.

Warmer, milder winters allow the beetles to flourish.

Always looking for the silver lining we did find a furniture manufacturer in 
the area that uses pine beetle wood for his products and with so many pine 
trees dying off will allow the aspen, spruce and other trees a chance to flourish

And on that positive note.  We got checked in to the campground.

Super Son and Miss Thing immediately grabbed their bikes and were off.

Hero Husband grabbed a lawn chair and a beer.

I forgot that altitude takes time for me to adjust and I drank mine way to quickly.

We did have a lovely view

and the roads were easy for the kids to get around on.

Super Son and I were really excited about seeing the Perseid 
meteor shower, that is until this showed up over the ridge.

We decided to take it as a chance to tinker with the
camera and get some good full moon photos.

The cool brisk night made me so glad that Hero Husband 
decided on this beautiful little slice of heaven.  

Good Night All.

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