Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 12 Part Two - Rain in Breckenridge

After our morning horseback ride we got settled back at the 
fancy schmancy campground just outside of Breckenridge and it wasn't 
long before the Wee Ones were ready to get back out and enjoy
our last day in Colorado.

They opted for a bike ride.

Breckenridge has an amazing bike trail that connects the communities.  
It is set off from the highway.  I wish Austin had one.
I also wish Austin was 75 degrees yesterday.

I have been reminded a few times on this trip that I am a bit slow to adjust
to altitude.  It was not surprising when riding my bike and pulling Miss Thing 
on the tag-a-long was challenging.

It wasn't so much that the ride was all that hard.
I have climbed more and bigger hills and this was only a few miles to ride.

It was that this was the easy part.  The return trip would be really uphill.

And then it started to rain.

We laughed and were glad that we had put on sweaters before we left.

Then I started scoping out bus stops.  There was no way I was going 
back up the mountain in the rain.

The gondola had been closed early because of the lightning and
so we found Eric's Downstairs and ordered some dinner.

I found their motto amusing.

Oh and the food was good too.

When we were done it was still raining and the clouds sagging down 
from the tops of the mountains.

We found the bus stop and were ready to load our bikes when
the driver asked where we were going.

Hero Husband gave him the name of the Fancy Schmancy RV park
to which we were told...

Oh I won't be heading there for another 45 minutes, maybe an hour
and by then the route may actually close for the night.

I sighed in despair.

I was going to have to ride my bike 






Off we went.

The wind with the moisture made our fingers tingle.

Miss Thing agreed to help pedal.

Except she didn't

And neither did I.  

We didn't have to, we were flying!

Then Hero Husband slows down a bit and smiles at me

"Did you notice that are going the same direction as the river?"



My humiliation was tempered by the fact that I didn't 
have to ride my bike up the mountain, again.

And the scenery as we flew back down the mountain
wasn't too shabby.

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