Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 12 - Rusty Spurr

Anticipation of horseback riding is not conducive 
to sleep for 9 year olds.

It was still dark outside when Super Son whispered 
in my ear while I was sleeping
"Mamma I'm gonna go outside and take a picture"

I don't recall responding but when I did get up I found this on my camera

Well this one and 247 more that look a lot like it.

I guess after my Grand Canyon sunrise I shouldn't be surprised
that my offspring would choose to do the same thing.

Horseback riding is apparently a good motivator for the Wee Ones.

They were dressed and ready in no time and we were on the road.

We found the turn to the Rusty Spurr with no problem and were greeted by this.

So beautiful

We followed this road 4 miles into the foothills

And then we reached the bunkhouse

They don't rent pigs, if you were wondering.

Super Son told Miss Thing all that she needed to know about horses. 

They are apparently missing Eli

a lot.

Every dog they meet is getting the full love treatment.

It wasn't long and then we met our horses 

I was riding Delbert

Super Son was riding Thunder, who was named for his gastric emanations.
He spent the next two hours proving he was well named.

Miss Thing was riding Patches

Hero Husband paired up with Cactus

and we're off!

I love it when Hero Husband takes a photo with horse ears in it.

This is truly a beautiful piece of earth.

Miss Thing felt confident enough to try no hands.

We rode through aspen groves, sage brush

and gorgeous mountains.

I could do this all day!

And this is what Miss Thing does after an exciting morning on the ranch.

It's worth recommending that if you are in the area you call the Rusty Spurr Ranch and book a ride.
The wranglers were knowledgeable (Hi Heather) and nice.

They treat their horses really well and it shows.

These people really do it right and I can't wait to go back and ride with them again.

The Rusty Spurr only knows me cause I annoyed them with my endless 
chatter for a few hours last week.  They did not sponsor this review in any way

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