Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 13 - And the drive begins

 It is always hard for vacation to end, but today is the day we
start our drive home.

At home it is over a 100 degrees and hasn't rained in months

here it is 60 degrees and rained on me, a lot.

Even raining on me there is almost no humidity here.

My hair is so happy.

We kept shocking each other with static electricity.

Me and Hero Husband
not me and my hair.

Just to be clear.

The biggest surprise of the day for me was Eastern Colorado.

It was so darn flat.

It looked like what I expected Kansas or Oklahoma to look like

And then it was official.

We had left Colorado.

But I was excited to see Kansas.

It was beautiful and green.

There were sunflower farms.

It was hotter than Colorado.


After leaving Kansas we were warmly welcomed into Oklahoma.

They have been suffering through a drought too.

But apparently had had some rain in the last few weeks.

Things looked perky.

And there were mosquitos.

We stopped off in Perry.

My grandparents were born in Perry, Oklahoma and I had never been there.

Perry is a quaint small town that I can imagine them growing up in.

It is also was site of the Cherokee Strip land rush.

The town square is such a throwback

including the Kumback.

I can just imagine my Great Uncle Bob having lunch here with my Grandfather.

My Grandmother walks in and she's wearing this awesome vintage hat...

Sorry I digress.

Oklahoma has some beautiful sunsets.

I can totally see the appeal.

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