Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 14 - Oh Texas my Texas

After Dinner in Perry we loaded back up and drove another short leg
to Guthrie, Oklahoma.

They don't have an RV park in Perry.

The kids were in bed and asleep by the time we arrived and it wasn't until the next 
morning that they were able to see where we were.

Miss Thing dared not venture out of the RV for fear of being carried off
by the giant carnivorous mosquitos.

Super Son being immune via his father's genetic contribution was
out collecting rocks and inspecting the redness of the Oklahoma soil.

If left to his own devices I'm sure he would have figured out how to 
weigh himself and take home his body weight in precious rocks that must never be discarded.

Alas, Guthrie it is time for us to say goodbye.

And as we left we ventured from the land of
green into the desolation that is drought land.

The only upside I have found to this drought is a new road trip game.

Count the wildfire burns.

Whoever gets to 50 first wins.

I really didn't ever want to get to 50.

I was even tricked into thinking that fall was coming early.

Some of the leaves were a lovely rusty color.

Sadly they were just too close to the fires and were crispy.

The Red River marked our transition out of Oklahoma.

Which makes for one seriously squiggily state line.

The Wee Ones were so very patient 
looking out the windows,
playing games,
stealing my seat.

Which I had refused to give up until we saw this sign.

Oh Texas my Texas!

Even with your dry unrelenting miserable sweaty hot summer
you are home and we are glad to see you.

Someone google map the closest RV sales lot.  I think we need one of our own!

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