Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2 - Gallup to Grand Canyon via Meteor City

Texas has been so hot and dry for so long.

We crossed into New Mexico and gawked at all the green.  
So this is what plants do when you water them.

It wasn't too far before we started seeing signs.

Lots of them.

For the Flying C Ranch.

Man, this place has a lot to offer.  Chicken Basket, Southwest Decor, Tshirts, fireworks, Blizzards, Native American trinkets.

They pulled out all the stops just in case you didn't see the signs on your side of the road.

Some enterprising young generation of the Flying C Ranch, I think to myself, has found a way to supplement the ranch.  Maybe the operation is housed in a historic ranch house.
A truly authentic Cracker Barrel kind of setup.  

Which should have clued me in.

Hero Husband asks if I want to stop.

After all the trouble they went through I feel like we have to.  
This is surely going to be amazing.  

And so we pulled over and,


It was a gas station and convenience store.

Hero Husband got us a Blizzard.

And then he made me drive again.

Super Son took the Navigator's seat and proceeded to document the occasion.

That is a big truck next to me. 

If you have never driven a big RV let me tell you something.  
They DO NOT have the rigid suspension of a fire truck or an 18 wheeler.  
Not that I know what those suspensions feel like, but that's what Hero Husband says.
Big RV's are wider than cars, trucks and regular sized RV's.
They get pushed and pulled by the wind from the 18 wheelers
 and other big trucks that pass you going 235 miles per hour.  
Oh and FedEx has trucks that pull TWO trailers at once.

Super Son was not bothered by this at all.

He pointed out the black rocks on the side of the road and insisted that they were volcanic.

"Super Son" I sweetly tell him "I am pretty sure that we would have heard about any volcanoes in this part of New Mexico".

And then we pass as sign for the Volcano lodge and gift shop.

I made him go to the back of the RV.

Of course he didn't listen. 

He continued to document my torture.

Those are my white knuckles.

I saw a sign for the Continental Divide and jumped at the chance to make Hero Husband drive again so I pulled over.

The Continental Divide is the name given to the principal, and largely mountainous, hydrological divide of the Americas.  It separates the watersheds that drain to the Pacific Ocean and those that drain into the Atlantic Ocean. 

I didn't know that until I looked it up.

The kids thought it was pretty and I got the chance to slip a geography lesson into the trip.

By this point the generator had stopped working.

The generator is what runs the AC in the back of the camper.

We were driving with the windows open to keep everyone cooled off.

The kids had stripped down to their undies.

But the scenery was still beautiful and the Wee Ones were completely 
amused at being nearly naked driving down the road.

Then we saw a sign for Meteor City.

We generally ignore signs for cities unless we are stopping for fuel and this was true for Meteor City.

What I couldn't ignore was the brown recreational area sign that announced 
"Meteor Crater"

Super Son is only a little interested in things that collide and explode and was manic about the chance to see an actual meteor crater.

The sucker was 700 feet deep and 4000 feet across and was 
created by a meteor that was only 150 feet across.

Hiking around it meant everyone got to stretch their legs and settle in for 
the rest of the drive to the Grand Canyon

after we fueled up and scraped the bugs off the window.

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