Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 4 - On to California

Our only full day being cut short at the Grand Canyon I had the 
disturbing idea to get up early and watch the sunrise over the rim.

None of my intrepid fellow travelers were interested in joining me.  
They were actually snoring when I left.

The bus ride and short hike to the rim was full of bustling and hurrying.

I even heard some animals scurrying in the bushes.

But as I reached the rim it was hushed and serene

and absolutely

worth every single lost minute of sleep.

Hero Husband got everyone up and ready, cleared out of the campsite
 and met me at the visitors center.  He went for a run and the 
Wee Ones and I finished up their Junior Ranger activities.

Then they took their oaths,

signed their names

and received their badges

Yay Junior Rangers!

Time to leave for California.

On the way we stopped to see the Hoover Dam.

Super Son and I read a book about the Dam, 
its construction and the reasoning behind its construction.  

It was an interesting read and a truly impressive thing to see.

Super Son thought it was pretty neat that he could stand in 
two states and two time zones at once.

Being there for an hour in the afternoon in August made me seriously question my fortitude.

I cannot imagine the workers who endured those conditions
for the years it took to build the massive thing.

Miss Thing took a picture of the valley

These statues decorate the monument honoring those who died during construction.

These two came with me and Hero Husband in an RV to see the Dam

The RV parking was really, really, really far away from the dam itself.

And up two hills.

In the hot sun.

With no shoes.

Okay I'm kidding on the last one, but seriously look at where we were parked.

That's our RV on the left.

Below us, that's a parking lot where you see the cars

and so is that at the bottom where you just see the awnings to cover more cars.

Did I mention we were on the surface of the sun?

We went through all of our water in the first 10 minutes.

And then had to climb these to get back to the RV.

It was so hot that I was willing to run the last 50 yards to get the kids moving and make them stop complaining about how hot it was.

Me.  Running.  Seriously.

And the stinkers didn't even let me win.


Boy am I glad we got that generator repaired.

Next Stop: Los Angeles

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