Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 5 - Los Angeles

There were only two things I wanted to do in Los Angeles before we settled in Anaheim for the days dedicated to Disneyland

See the Hollywood sign


Drive the RV down Rodeo Drive.

I put some serious effort into finding the easiest spot to see the sign in an RV and found that the Griffith Observatory has a great view and also lots of open park space.

Kids run around, I get my picture, everyone is happy.

That is until the navigation system directs us to what had to be they are talking about when they say Hollywood Hills.  All I know is we turned off of Los Fleiz and proceeded up the steepest hills making the tiniest hairpin turns that indeed get us to the Griffith Observatory.  A VIEW of it at least.  200 yards to the right and up a really steep grassy hill.  Hero Husband was seriously considering backing out down the streets if it got any worse.  People out walking their dogs looked at us like we were insane.  We felt a bit crazy by then.

I just kept reminding myself.

Hero Husband can drive a fire truck.

These roads have to be big enough for fire trucks.

It was the mantra that I repeated to myself when I wasn't hanging my head out the window watching for trashcans or sloppily parked Jaguars.

It should be noted that my husband is a complete and total RV driving master

He has mad crazy skills.

I mean it.

And of course when we did find the actual observatory it was packed.  
So packed that we had absolutely no hope of ever parking 
unless we were prepared to start a riot. 

And so we left.  I figured we may see the sign from the road somewhere and would take my picture then.  In the meantime the natives were getting restless and so we found some lunch.

It too was packed.  I chatted up one of the employees and she 
actually said "Oh our rush is in about an hour."

I don't think I could ever live in a place so densely populated.

Even if the kids lunch came with the least objectionable toy possible

and the food was so tasty.

We set the navigation system for Rodeo Drive and set out.  
Hoping that we wouldn't be led astray again.

As Hero Husband trucked along the highway I was thrilled to 
have the chance to lean out my window and take this picture.

And then this one that wasn't even on my list

And then we turned onto Rodeo Drive.

Hero Husband had a blast explaining to the kids why its 
called Ro-Day-Oh Drive when its spelled like Ro-Dee-Oh.

Miss Thing was okay with it, but she has always liked fancy things.

Personally I was pretty unimpressed.
It was very touristy (not surprised) and 
was very short (the street that is).

The palm trees were nice.

And it was pretty funny driving it in an RV.

I felt a bit like Daisy May Clampett.

I liked the shops at the end of the street better.

And our last stop before we arrived at our campground was the Santa Monica Pier.

This was as close as we got.

It was a Sunday at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

I think the parking lot attendant may have actually laughed at us before 
he told us to try again on a week day, early.

And so we drove on to Anaheim and became closely acquainted 
with smog and greater Los Angeles area traffic.

I really could never live in a place this densely populated.

As soon as we checked in the Wee Ones headed for the pool.

The decision was made to go for two days at Disneyland and we bought our passes.

This was really our first chance to hang out at the camp ground for any length of time.

We met a super nice family from Calgary who loaned us marshmallow roasting forks.  

Hi Heather!

We made s'mores and talked while our kids rode bikes around the park.  
Then we all watched the Disneyland fireworks and shuffled off to our campers.

The kids are loving that everything we have done so far is as new to them as it is to us.

That being said tomorrow feels daunting.

Disneyland here we come!

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