Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 6 - Disneyland!

First night in the campground it was really hard to get the Wee Ones to bed.

That in turn made it really hard for them to get up early.

Breakfast in the campground is fun

and it is hard to be anything but happy and energetic when you know you get to go to Disneyland even when you are waiting for the bus to pick you up.  

Oh and California is home to the biggest ficus trees I have ever seen.  
Seriously look at that sucker!

It was entirely fitting that the first thing we should find is the Disneyland Fire Department.

Walt Disney used to have an apartment there on the second floor and would stay in the park.

The Wee Ones both bought autograph books.

I was very skeptical of this racket, but oh my goodness were they excited.

Miss Thing waited in line for over an hour to see her first princess!

Rapunzel asked Miss Thing to deliver a message to Jasmine.

This meant that before we could leave the park we absolutely 
HAD to find Jasmine and deliver the message.

A princess had asked her personally to tell another princess.

What else was she going to do!

We rode a bunch of rides and considering the length 
of the lines we made pretty good time.

We figured out the Fast Pass system and made plans for 
implementing it on the rides that we could.

By this point Miss Thing was getting a bit concerned that the only princess she had met was Rapunzel.  The day was getting along and the girl needed to find Jasmine.

Just outside of Aurora's castle we found Snow White's
wishing well and both of them made a wish.  

I'm not sure what they wished for but as soon as we 
walked around the corner we met Fairy Godmother.

Miss Thing knew that we had a surprise for her that afternoon 
and that we only had time for one more ride before 
heading to the California Adventure Park for her surprise.

This surprisingly involved a lot of coercion.

She did NOT want to leave Disneyland.

Thank Goodness we bought 2-day passes.

Lunch was her surprise.

Lunch with all of the disney princesses.

This was not an inexpensive proposition.

However, considering the waits that we found all
around the parks I think it was worth it.

We sat in a lovely lakeside restaurant eating what was a very tasty
lunch and while we ate one by one Aurora, Cinderella, 
Snow White, Ariel and Belle came to our table.  They chatted briefly 
with Miss Thing and her entourage, posed for 
photos and signed the autograph books.

She was in heaven.

The dessert included a white chocolate sea shell...that went home in our leftover box.

California Adventure is the newer section of the Disney theme park 
and is across the entrance from the original Disneyland.

The lines are shorter there.

Oh and that's where we met Mickey Mouse

who thought Miss Thing wanted to play peek-a-boo.

Buzz offered high fives and fist bumps (blown up of course).

One of the rides that we found with no lines was Ariel's undersea adventure.

The weather in Anaheim has been beautiful.  Cool and overcast in the morning and burning off within a few hours.  The evenings get brisk enough to need a sweater which is why riding this ride has proven to be problematic.

It is a whitewater rafting ride.

I don't even remember what it is called, but the only times we can get a Fast Pass to ride it are after dark.  Which means it is late, the kids are still up and likely overstimulated.  I am not really big on the idea of adding wet and shivering while waiting for a shuttle to that equation.  It will have to wait for tomorrow.

But oh the lights and the sights at night.

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