Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 7 - Disneyland revisited

By this point we are feeling like veterans of Disneyland.

We plot and set strategy for our days adventure maximizing our time to complete the most desired rides and activities.

We managed to get to the park before 8 and were ready when the gates opened.

Except then there was still a que just outside of mainstreet.  

The mass of humanity converged and when the welcome was over and the music started we realized that our idea was not unique in the slightest. 

Everyone was on a mission.

It could have been mistaken for a power walkers convention had there not been so many Mickey Mouse T-shirts and ears

Top of Super Son's list was Star Tours.

Mind you he has never seen Star Wars (*gasp* I know it is one of my many parental failings)

Hero Husband and I were very entertained and the kids got to ride through space.

It was really precious when Miss Thing asked me...Did we really just go into space?

Next was Autotopia.  Mainly because it was close, 
looked like fun and let us Fast Pass to avoid the lines.

Super Son tolerated me as a passenger only because my 
legs are longer and I could help him accelerate as fast as possible.

It was reported that Miss Thing was confident after her turn behind 
the wheel and agreed to drive the RV home for us.

Then we rode on Nemo's undersea adventure

Super Son is at that precocious age of ruining the illusion for everyone. 

He insisted on looking up through the submarine port hole the 
entire time just to remind us that we hadn't fully submerged.

My favorite was the Seagulls from the movie.

They sat on a rock in the harbor and called "Mine mine mine"

I mimicked them and laughed.

No one else seemed to be as amused as I was.

Miss Thing had reminded us no less than 427 times that we HAD to find Jasmine before we left because she had a message to deliver from Rapunzel.

Heaven help me if Jasmine had the day off.

Next stop was It's a Small World.

Tried and True it's a classic and was worth doing.

Then we caught the train

around to Adventure Land where praise God we found
Jasmine and Aladdin

The message was delivered.

Jasmine, Rapunzel says you will never beat her in a hair growing contest.

Whew, that was an important message!

 We toured Aurora's castle,

took a few parting photos,

collected a few more autographs

Pluto left us with a bit more than an autograph

He licked their books too!

Next was the final round of rides at California Adventure.

Both kids were keyed up to ride the big roller coaster that goes upside down.

It doesn't have a real name in their world, it is simply the 
BIG roller coaster that goes upside down.

But first was Mickey's Ferris Wheel.

Which had some unique features.

More than half of the gondolas were not fixed.

They slid around on a series of rails.

Basically each gondola swung around like it was on a giant swing-set.

Which is why I am sure they felt it wise to provide these.

I bought some toys while we were there.

Sorry you can't have one.  Limited Edition and all.

Sadly, Miss Thing was 2 inches too short for the big roller coaster that goes upside down.

She was content to ride the Carousel again and wait for the report from her brother.

Who for the record LOVED it and then made me ride it with him.

Sucker was smooth and fast.

Okay, I loved it too.

Earlier in the day we had Fast Passed for Soarin' over California and as the day was winding down we had only two rides left to go.

The Wee Ones took the time to cool off in the misting station before we went in.

The ride was amazing.

Relaxing and beautiful.

It won't scare the pants off of you or make you yark, but it was worth doing if you don't mind keeping your pants and your lunch in their rightful places.

Sadly the two fabulous days ended with a bit of a bummer.  The one ride that everyone had agreed to save for last closed just as we walked up.  Mechanical problem of some sort.

We opted for dessert instead and counted all of the happy memories instead of worrying over the last.  I don't really have any doubts that we will be back...
They are building a Cars section to the park that opens next year after all!

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