Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 8 - Utah via Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier

The original plan for this part of the trip was to head up the California coast
and camp in the redwoods just outside of Santa Cruz.

We would make a stop in Santa Barbara to see some friends on the way 
and get dessert at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.

Then the good people of California decided to fill up every RV campground 
anywhere near a Redwood Grove South of San Francisco.

The campsite that I had reserved near Santa Cruz had been reserved months ago before we knew the length of the RV we would be renting and needless to say 35 feet was more than they would be able to accommodate and so we lost the reservation and couldn't get another.

Considering he had done 99% of the driving to get us to this point including the harrowing hairpin turns in the Hollywood Hills I turned over the rest of our trip to my beloved.

He chose Colorado.

I looked up the weather and gave my blessing.

And so we headed out first to the Santa Monica Pier.

It took us precisely 9 years to get there.

I really don't like Los Angeles traffic.

Once we got there we marveled at the beautiful coastline,

things that we just don't have on Texas beaches

and the fact that we could be on a beach in the middle of August and have very cold feet.

And there were people actually swimming in the water.

Of course my Wee Ones would have willingly jumped in if I had 
let them change into their swim clothes.

Instead they settled for digging in the sand.

Then we rode our bikes down the shore and watched the skateboarders.

Super Son analyzed their moves and calculated the risks involved
and which bones were most likely to get broken.

By this point the earlier traffic had eliminated the time we had left to go to Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo and we simply headed East back toward Las Vegas. 

The roads around here are never boring.

And the scenery is just breathtaking.

Around midnight we passed through Las Vegas.

Hero Husband offered to drive the RV down the strip for me a'la Rodeo Drive

I opted to let him push on through.

We will be back in October anyway and the views from the highway weren't to shabby.

The time zone changes are making us all a little crazy.

I don't even really know what time we made it there 
but we finally camped in St. George, Utah.

The moon is nearly full and the light it cast over the barren
rocky mountains around the Virgin river were spooky.  

I tried to get pictures but considering I was dealing 
with only moonlight and Hero Husband was making good 
time you will just have to take my word for it.

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  1. Always a pleasure reading your stories and putting the best pic to describe the moment. The kids will always have wonderful memories to cherish a lifetime. May god continue to keep u'll safe on ur journey.