Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 9 - Moab to Colorado

Utah got hot really quickly and while St. George was nice
you have to shop at a special store to buy beer that isn't watered down.

That is basis for leaving just on bad beer principle.

Today was a driving day which means that there was a lot of this going on

which ultimately digressed into this.

They called it skydiving.

Then we stopped at Devil's Canyon

and Moab

While both were beautiful, but neither had low enough temperatures to entice me to stay.

We decided to drive on and camp for the night in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Super Son learned how to flip on the rings at the playground

and we saw a pretty sunset.

Everyone is ready to get to a place where we can stop and 
stay for a few days before heading home.

Hero Husband is pretty set on Frisco.

It is a beautiful town, but unfortunately is lacking in RV accommodations.

The one park there is booked solid and costs double what we 
have been paying for sites elsewhere.

Tentatively we are planning on just driving through to Boulder 
or Colorado Springs where we have friends to see.

There is a meteor shower on the 13th and so we are 
hoping to be somewhere we can see it clearly...

It seems like the Griffith Observatory in LA would be a 
good place, but I won't tell Hero Husband that!

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